Tlr200 oko carb

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tlr200 oko carb

Current destination: United States. Official Group. User's Bikes 2. Add to favorites. Motorcycle Parts Other Exhaust Parts 2 Exhaust Gaskets 8. All Products. Grips 54 Controls 6. Clutch 6 Chains 38 Sprockets 6. Other Electrical Parts 1 Lights Security 8 Others 4. New Arrival. View More. Sale Products. HONDA which won the world trial championship inhad put their technology into this model and brought it to the market.

It created a trial sensation in Japan. Newest Customer Reviews All Reviews It is easy to replace the clip joint without special tool. And I think the body looks cooler with the gold. I am using this product because I have a sense of security from the manufacturer DID. Read more.

It is hard to change the tube because it is heavy and thick. But the hard work you put in, you don't have to worry about puncture on the Course, and you can at least go for a grueling run. It's called the standard Tire, and the grip on the Dirt, including the Galle, is very good.The reason for the deluxe kit is that the Honda throttle cable is not meant to be used with any other carburetor and therefore cannot be used.

Also, the UNI filter replaces the restrictive Honda air box. The only negative is that the Honda air box also acts as the front portion of the rear fender, and so you will need to add a partial fender or barrier to protect the air filter.

We designed this kit because the Reflex is notorious for its throttle lag, as well as poor performance. The OKO will wake up the Honda considerably and remove the lag, giving the Reflex excellent throttle response as well as increased power. Photos show a 24mm carburetor as used in our initial testing. Further testing showed the 21mm to be the best choice for TLR s with stock exhaust systems as well as those with DEP or WES exhausts, so we are no longer offering the 24mm except for special requests.

We stand behind this kit, offering a 2 week return policy and a 90 day warranty on the OKO carburetor. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Our carburetors come directly from the OKO factory in Taiwan. If you don't see the flag on the box, it is a Chinese copy.

tlr200 oko carb

These copies often come with unmarked jets and can be impossible to tune.All Activity Home sicco. About sicco Rank New Member. Profile Information Location Netherlands. Kevlar Coated Clutch Plates sicco replied to sicco 's topic in Honda. Hello, I run regular semi synthetic 10w Kevlar Coated Clutch Plates sicco posted a topic in Honda. Hello, I,ve just reapled my stock friction plates by kevlar coated ones in my TLR I must say it works fine for me. My Sheng wey 22mm carb is jetted with 98 and 40 jets.

The throttle cable is the original one. It is not a specific model, just look on Ebay fore TRL carburator. Hello, I don't know about the Oko Carb. But i've riding with a Sheng wey carb fore the last three years on my TLR No more throttle lag, and instant acceleration.

And when you would have told me this four years ago, i would't have believed it. But what the heck, what do you have to loose. These things costs almost nothing. The least thing you can do is try. And be surprised. Sticking Auto Decompressor Mystery sicco replied to bashplate 's topic in Honda.

At first it was difficult to see because the whole bike was dirty. Hi, I have this bike now fore five years. All that time when the bike warms up the idle speed gets higher. I don't think the carb is flooding, it's just what the bike does. Anyway, nothing to worry about, just have fun. Clutch Lightener Worth Installing? Yes it is, It makes the clutch almost as light as an hydraulic one.

Honda Tlr Clutch Lever sicco replied to sicco 's topic in Honda. Thanks Guys, I feel a littel better now as it seems i do'n t have to open up the engine. But why is there more slack on my clutch cable after installing a anti judder kit? I've only replaced one friction plate fore the special friction plate, fill ring and judder spring. Honda Tlr Clutch Lever sicco posted a topic in Honda. Today i removed my clutch assembly.

After reassembly i think i'm missing a bearing ball witch should sit between the Lever clutch and the clutch Lifter rod.We stock a large range of good second hand parts for many twinshocks and early aircooled mono's. Many sets of mono trials front forks Good range of fantic engines in all sizes Much more Contact us for prices and more details.

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Can also be used on with some bracket conversion to fit. Contact for details. Fantic alloy yokes Performance part Alloy yokes to fit fantic, and some early aircooled mono fantic models. Very lightweight. Top yoke has been machined to copy the more desirable top yoke with the clamps directly above the stem reducing the tiller affect you can get when steering.

The yokes slightly steepen the fork angle. Please contact for more details.TLR Reflex. This is our "Before" photo. What an unhappy little bike But, wait; there's more!

tlr200 oko carb

What a difference! Includes mounting hardware, gel-foam seat, fuel cap, and installation instructions. Custom fit to the Reflex for maximum engine and case protection. Includes all mounting hardware. Clip-on Number Plate Manufactured of high-quality, hard plastic impervious to gasoline and chemicals.

Gun metal gray. Cross bar pad not included. Pro Taper Handlebars High-strength T6 aerospace alloy rated at 70, psi ultimate strength. Knurled clutch side for secure grip hold.

TY175 Rear Mudguards now back in stock

Shot-peened finish to increase fatigue life. Cold-forged crossbar with stainless hardware. Crossbar pad included. High quality fabrication. Unique design features easy on and off.

Fits all bars. Looks great and protects! Cables All cables manufactured on-site, assembled with a seven-seven strand of aircraft-grade inner cable inside a flat-wound housing with a nylon inner sheath for maximum strength and flexibility.

All throttle cables require a Domino throttle assembly. Front brake cables may require your stock adjuster. Call for more info.By technowaldoFebruary 13, in Fantic. Got a minarelli and cant get the carburation right and am toying with spending the money and getting a flatside oko for it.

I had issues with a a while ago, firstly how old is your cdi? I changed both coils there is an upgrade and then fitted an OKOit was a worthwhile upgrade, started and ran like a watch and performed well. Personally a new dellorto carb would be a better purchase, may get away with new slide and jets but the body will be worn also. And as mentioned above electrics need to be spot on. My was awful almost unrideable with the stock Dellorto and put a OKO on and transformed the bike.

After restoring my Fantic it initially ran fine but quickly developed a carb fault. I changed a couple of jets but concluded that I needed a new carb. I figured that as vitually the same type of delloro carb was fitted to recent gas gas bikes then there could not be a lot wrong with the actual carb just the fact that the one on the bike was 35 years old.

I fitted a new dellorto which was jetted and had the correct slide for the Fantic. It run great straight away and still going strong 2 years later.

I've no experience of the OKO but I would suggest it is a replacement rather than an upgrade nothing wrong with the dellorto unless it is worn.

tlr200 oko carb

Note Dellortos can be bought cheap on E bay but the standard jets and slide are not suitable for the Personally I'd buy another stock Dellorto. I did the same with both my 's, the old carbs were simply worn out and the inlet rubbers hard.

I think there are two issues here that often get mixed up. Does the bike run okay on it's original set up or does it need improving? I'm happy with the stock Dellorto but if you think that it is in some way inadequate then go with the OKO. Thats cleared that up then. Cheers guys the engines been all rebuilt including all new ignition and I tried a brand new dellarotto from a friends bike and it did perk it up a bit but it still wasnt how it should be.


I had a go at getting a Oko carb dialled in for my Whitehawk after 2 new carbs and countless hours no joy. Fitted a flat slide dellorto and one hour later Its perfect. A little expensive but so are Two Oko carbs and jet sets!! You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead.

Dio reed oko 21mm carb

Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted February 13, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I have one on my and it is superb.By scooterspalJuly 9, in Honda. Claims to offer many fixes over the OEM Honda carb.

Not sure l am allowed to post the link to it but easy to find on Google for both the US and UK distributors. No more throttle lag, instant acceleration, leanness is removed The holy grail they claim. I got a sheng wey carb for my Reflex. Jets were unsigned but should be 42 pilot and main. I found them a bit too large and changed to 40 pilot and 95 main. The American reflex the carb top is part of the throttle cable.

For what ever he does, he will have to buy a cable. I did this conversion about a year ago. I have no idea about which company in China makes this replica Keihin carburetor but it works perfectly right out of the box.

As was suggested above, just do an ebay search for a TLR carburetor. When you find the one that costs one quarter of the original you have found the right one. Some caveats As is mentioned above the throttle cable is part of the top of the carburetor at least on the "colonial" Reflex and so a new cable is in order. Since it was absolutely no use to me "as is", I went after it with a Dremel tool and basically ground off the assembly which attaches the cable to the carburetor top.

Once freed, the cable worked perfectly. I would recommend that you not buy a new cable, but free the original cable with the Dremel tool. Next problem is that the replica carburetor Again, a vast improvement. The motorcycle was transformed. Best of luck Is your stock carb completely warn out? If not, consider changing the jetting.

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