Office relocation project management plan example

Quality Management Plan is a well-defined set of documents and information to efficiently manage the quality throughout the software development project starting from planning to the software deployment. The primary goal of making a quality management plan is to ensure that the project deliverables are of adequate quality and fit for the software requirements.

Quality assurance and Quality control is an integral part of the Quality Management Plan. Quality Control - via the development of quality outputs Quality Improvement — review points to assess and improve quality where possible. Relevant business domain driven standards Any changes to these standards need be recorded as an issue in the Project Issues Register.

Topics of each review s A review of project performance and comparison with the defined project target outcomes A review of the methodologies needed to produce the outputs Learning points of the project Area for improvement 2.

It includes the level of resourcing, time, cost, quality, and the realization of outcomes by the Business Owner should appropriately manage to ensure the project is completed successfully. Here, you need to document the project approach to risk assessment and management to identify how risks to quality will be reflected during the process.

It also includes detail of any protocols which needed to apply for records management, and how registration of all official documents should be managed. Quality planning includes identifying the Output Quality Criteria and standards that will be used to determine their acceptability and 'fitness for purpose. These include technical specifications or other specific criteria. Advisory Groups: provide advice or technical expertise in relation to output development and quality assurance Reference Group: give a forum to achieve consensus among groups of stakeholders Working Group s - consist of small specialist work groups, which is dedicated to producing a well-defined output within a specific timeframe.

Consultants — which provide advice about the development of specific outputs. This section includes a description of the approach to: Output testing and review: Generally, it is assumed that testing is only applied to IT systems, but it is also relevant to other outputs which may require testing to ensure they meet specified functional requirements.

It is also important to formalize the output change management procedures that will be used to document problem reporting and rectification. Progressive audits or appraisals to be conducted throughout the project. These reviews are undertaken progressively, as quality cannot be built in at the end of a project.

The section should also cover: The technological aspects of the project. Project compliance with internal and external audit The form advice, preferably with dates, and to whom this advice will be provided should also need to mention here.

Change Control In this section, mention the process that should be used for changes which need to be approved. Any changes to output specifications need to be controlled through a change process which should include: A structured process to facilitate the change to the system. Complete assessment of the impact of the projected changed A method of authorizing a change 3.To make your move a little simpler, use our office relocation project plan and download it as a spreadsheet to guide you through the entire process of moving an office, from planning to unpacking.

Long before you begin packing up, you should start assembling your relocation plan. Begin with the big picture stuff, including the general area in which you plan to settle, lease stipulations and employee needs. Many businesses end up moving for ease of accessibility, so both your clients and employees need to be able to access your new location. Their satisfaction should be one of your top priorities. Draft your business development and expansion strategy with expansion in mind, noting new hires and space requirements that you might need over the next several years.

After you have taken all of these factors into consideration, you should start looking for a reliable broker or business real estate agent to help you along in the process.

Moreover, some landlords work only with real estate brokers, limiting your options. Some businesses can rarely have a detailed look at a space for lease without a broker unless you are part of a large company or corporation. You should also discuss the move with your stakeholders, including investors and employees, so you need a broker who is able to present multiple locations for consideration.

Not all locations are created equal and not all of the available options will fit into your sometimes limited budget, so you will want to gather and pore over a varied list of possible office locations.

Take your time and compare the advantages and disadvantages of each location. In the real world, there is no place that offers only advantages, no matter how perfect it might seem. More importantly, you need to know in great detail how the new office will address your pressing business needs. Assess all your current expenditures and compare them against the new office location. Take into consideration all the services you need to run your business smoothly and put them on the list to check how the new place compares to your current infrastructure.

Nowadays, there are plenty of different ways to rent office space. The traditional route is the classic leased building. Under this model, you will likely pay a monthly fee for your space, which will also often require a multi-year lease as well. This option is stable and allows you to come to work each day in a space all your own, which is ideal for companies that want to stay in their new space for a long time.

office relocation project management plan example

Coworking is especially popular among the younger crowd, allowing them to work side-by-side with other young professionals with different backgrounds and experience. However, you have to compromise on privacy at least a little bit.As with any major project, proper planning and organization are key to a successful office move. Once the decision to relocate is made, the first task is to create an Office Relocation Project Plan.

Tips For Planning An Office Relocation

This is one of the most important steps taken in an office move. An office relocation plan outlines the tasks necessary to complete a successful move. It should also specify who is responsible for each task and when the tasks must be completed. By creating an outline of every step in the moving process, you ensure necessary tasks are completed in the required timeframe.

When following a good project plan, downtime and loss of productivity are kept to a minimum as the move is successfully completed on time and on budget. Every office relocation is different, so you along with your team will need to decide what tasks to include in your specific project plan. The priority is to make sure every detail is covered within a set timeframe and budget. Below are a few tips for a successful office move:. Take as much time as needed to build your office relocation project plan.

Refine the plan throughout the relocation process as necessary, and periodically check in with responsible parties of each task to ensure those tasks are completed as scheduled. Building and adhering to a good plan will provide the organization your office relocation needs to be a successful move that is on time and on budget.

office relocation project management plan example

Our expert staff of relocators, movers, and drivers will handle all your packing, moving, deconstruction, and reconstruction from start to finish. To find out more about what all we can do to help for your next move, explore our services below! Discover the Chipman difference as you relax and turn your move over to us! DOT No.

Office Relocation Project Plan the Key to a Successful Office Move

How to Create an Office Relocation Project Plan Determine who will be the primary person in charge of the move, whether it be you or someone else within your company. This person will serve as the in-office move coordinator. He or she should be a great organizer, have the authority to represent your company, and be capable of making snap decisions when necessary.

Select a small project planning team. The in-office move coordinator will serve as leader of this team, and together the team will create your office relocation plan. Know or determine your key dates, such as current lease termination, preferred move date, new lease signing, new office build-out start and finish, and final date for completion of the move.

office relocation project management plan example

Estimate your relocation budget. Review it periodically throughout the move process to ensure the move stays within the budget.Construction rarely follows the blueprints precisely. Building management often has exceptionally poor, inaccurate drawings they provide to prospective tenants. In some cases they're not even close to reflecting the actual shape of the office!

Get a scale floor plan of the office space, and if possible, do it yourself. The experience of going through the space will stick with you as you proceed.

Quality Management Plan Template with Sample Project Example

Be sure to measure and mark locations of any existing power, network, phone jacks and use standard architectural symbols contractors will know. I work on paper first, then sit down for a long session drawing it out using software.

The past two moves, I've done both Visio for 2D plans to share with contractors, and SketchUp 3D because our execs were having trouble envisioning the space and SketchUp 3D Free actually lets you do a 3D fly-thru animation. Inspect the breaker box and see if you have any room to grow, and what kind of power is already there in case you need to add circuits. Ideally, scout out what circuits serve different areas.

This can be time consuming, and will likely only be an issue if you have particularly high current drawing equipment. Assess the existing cable plant, if any. Is it CAT5, 5e, 6? Did the previous tenant appear to have things labeled properly test a few. Any dumb things the prior tenant did like CATx splices or inches of untwisted pairs on the punch down blocks?

Repunch it right, or pull it out and start over, if necessary. You don't want a questionable foundation that wastes hours of time in debugging. Whenever possible, get all cable pulled before the new space is drywalled. This will reduce the costs from your vendor because they won't be spending labor moving ceiling tiles or fishing wires. Identify where furniture and people are going to be this often takes iteration, so start just identifying workstations, then add names to workstations later.

You may need to wait for others to establish floorplans with furniture contractors or facilities. Be aware that cubicles systems furniture may have network and electrical whips that require permanent connection to the wall in some jurisdictions, and what that means for future flexibility.

Assign room numbers, workstation numbers, and jack numbers in a logic way that flows clockwise around a space or room. These should be established early so that they can be referenced in your RFP and by contractors during the process. If there is a high likelihood of adding jacks but budgets don't allow for all I would like, I may mark places for future jacks and leave those numbers unused.

On the patch panel, don't be afraid to leave gaps for these future jacks. Now start determining what you need for contract work. Do you need to add: - Network drops and if anyone asks, no, you can't just do WiFi because I. Write RFPs that provide the floor plan, locations for power and data drops, and any jack numbering you want to a contractor. Don't be afraid to be too specific. Good contractors will call instead of guessing, and if a bad contractor doesn't do it to your liking, you'll have no recourse to have it corrected if you didn't specify.

Clarify if the installer will be relocating or de-installing any equipment from a location you're vacating. Send RFPs to at least three contracts for electrical, three for network. Make sure to look for contractors who are licensed, insured, and qualified to do electrical and network cable plant.However, the location has high operating and administrative costs.

Moreover, the University has a plan to improve its services through introduction of technological solutions that can enable university in providing better educational service to students and manage the campus activities more efficiently. Thus, the top management has decided to shift its location to a cheaper place after selling existing location which would save them some money that can be used up for incorporating their strategic plans. The project is planned to take 5 months starting in end of May and closing in 1st week of October This project has three objectives to accomplish and these include sale of the existing campus area of Huge Baird University, construction of a new premises for operation of university in Knowsley and re-location of all assets and human resources of the university to this new location.

The project would begin with the plan of construction of the new premises for which a plan would be made for hiring of contractors and other staff for the development. Subsequently during the development of the new premises, the old premises would be sold off when the construction is nearing completion such that as soon as the construction of the new site is complete, the site has already been disposed of and is ready for making the shift of assets and people of the organization.

For the success of the project, the plan for development of new premises would start first such that the project manager has the fair idea of the investments that are required. The sale of the old premises would be planned according to these expenses in such a way that the money obtained would be utilized for construction and for building of additional technology infrastructure for the new campus of the college. This approach would ensure that the organization does not make any losses and is able to cater to all the needs of the university establishment and at the same time save money for operating the business after relocation.

Any major decisions related to working of the organization, including the relocation, are taken by a board of Directors.

The sponsor of the project would be providing finance for the project and thus, would have the authority to get reporting on financial implications of the project on the University. The Principal is the key manager of college facilities and he has hired me as a Project Manager so I would be reporting to him. Internal departments that are the stakeholders of the project would be directly reporting to principal while 10 people chosen and hired for managing project would be reporting to Project manager.

Project oversight is an independent review that is conducted in order to understand how the project is proceeding and if it is on track and would be completed within estimated cost and schedule.

Oversight involves identification of any probable risks and planning of mitigation measures in the case of occurrence of risks such that the project schedule is not severely affected and the project expenses remain within budget. Oversights involves complete monitoring of all aspects of the project for which various functions of project management framework can be used including scope management, risk management, scheduling, issue management, budgeting, and compliance check for rules, regulations, standards and policies.

Contracts are the agreements made between two parties that demand an obligation that has to be completed by one party while the other pays the party for the same after successful completion of all required tasks.

While contractor is the prime recipient of the payment, actual work may not be done by the contractor in some cases and another contractor in the form of sub-contractor would be involved. Thus understanding of contracting and subcontracting duties becomes essential to be able to run a project smoothly.

Sub-contract agreements are influenced by the main contract arrangements. It involves development of statement of work that defines project goals that are proposed by the sponsor of the project. On the current relocation project, contract agreements would be made with main contractors and the responsibility of deciding on what part of work has to be sub-contracted would be left on the contractor.

From the side of the University who is the main employer of the contractor, a prime contractor surveillance plan would be made that would involve documentation of compliance requirements, critical work processes, deliverables, schedules, and costs.

Physical Structure of Building.Why not encourage all of the employees to be active on LinkedIn. What is stronger than a text based review. How about a video of your customer talking about how your products or services have helped them.

If you have a strong YouTube channel to begin with, people will be happy to be featured on it in exchange for their thoughts. A great example of a customer review video collection is the Experience LG channel above which has customer reviews for their home entertainment, home appliances, mobile phones, and computer products.

Local search directories such as Google Places, Yahoo Local, Yelp, Merchant Circle, and CitySearch allow members of their networks to write reviews about local businesses.

Office Relocation Plan Work Breakdown Structure

If you have great reviews on these sites, you should share them on your testimonials page as well. Why would you want to steer your customers to writing reviews on these sites as opposed to writing a testimonial directly for your site.

If you are trying to get Google search traffic to your local business, you would want your business to come up in the search with the most reviews. Many local search directories are interconnected as well. Google gets reviews from Google users, as well as pulling in reviews from other local search sites like Yelp.

Merchant Circle allows member reviews and also pulls them in from Yahoo Local, CitySearch, and other sites as well. So what does your business need to do to start getting reviews on these sites.

University Relocation Project Management Plan

Claim and update your listings on them, for starters, and promote your listing directly on your website so customers know where to go to send their reviews. So, considering all of the above mentioned sites that you can get customers to share their opinions on, what can you do to encourage them to create these reviews. This same strategy can be applied to online reviews as well.

Offer your customers incentives for creating reviews. Local search directories allow you to share coupons and discounts on their sites. Special coding on Facebook can allow you to share special offers for fans only. You can offer a giveaway for people who send in a video review.

Last, but not least, there are likely a ton of customer reviews that are written about your company on other sites, such as personal blogs, that are unsolicited.

Setup daily notifications via email on Google Alerts and Social Mention for a variety of applicable terms in order to keep track of brand mentions, including your name, business name, brand, and specific product names plus the word review.

Use these alerts to find out about any reviews and ask the people who have mentioned your brand if you can feature their comment or story on your testimonials page. Usually people are happy to oblige, especially in exchange for a link from your site. So now that you have collected all of these great reviews, you will want to add them to one page on your website that you can direct potential customers to so they can see what great things you have done for others.

Be sure to credit the review to the site it came from (such as linking to your Yelp profile), as this may encourage people to continue on to your profile on that site and add more reviews.

Also, if necessary, get permission from the person who wrote the review and confirm that it is alright if you add their review to your main site.

Whenever you come across a negative review about your business, it is essential that you respond to it. How do you get your customers to write or record reviews about your company. What other tips would you give to businesses looking to increase their testimonials page for more credibility. About the Author: Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, blogger, and social media enthusiast.

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Competative salary, Lightwater, Surrey Actuarial Analyst - Life Star Actuarial, in conjunction with a major insurer, is seeking a part-qualified life actuary to join its retirement division where you will provid. As the economic downturn has worsened in the UK, companies have cut back on their motor fleets, spending less on insurance and therefore pushing up rates in or To continue reading.

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office relocation project management plan example

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