Mosin nagant complete rear sight

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mosin nagant complete rear sight

Buttstock and Hardware. Grips and Hardware. Handguards and Hardware.


Fire Control Group. Flash Hider and Muzzle. Gas System. Mags and Pouches. Receiver and Build Parts. AK47 Milled Specific. AKM Specific.I installed an Uncle Mike's swivel stud in the rear of the trigger guard and used it like a saddle ring for a saddle ring sling like the one in the photo. You can buy one stud here. Look closely in the full size photo at the swivel stud saddle ring. I installed a scout scope mount to the military rear sight base and mounted a red dot scope.

Read about the installation process here. Soon after I built the rifle I went deer hunting when the weather forecast called for warm temps and heavy rain. That sounded like perfect conditions to test my wet weather clothing and the Rain Rifle. Well, the forecast was right. Junior and the rifle both got soaked. My downpour clothing failed miserably. However, the rifle worked exactly as I had hoped.

At home, with one screwdriver and five minutes time, maybe, and the rifle was totally dismantled and dried with a rag.

mosin nagant complete rear sight

I ran a dry patch through the bore. Then an oiled patch. I placed the metal parts near the ol' wood heater to finish drying. Next day, I lightly oiled everything and reasembled the rifle.

The "Rain Rifle" concept came through the test with flying colors. The red dot sight even passed the downpour test to my surprise. But I never liked the way the red dot sight looked on the rifle, and I didn't like the idea of depending on a battery.

Mosin Nagant 91/30

Side-By-Side Dim Light Comparison Test It's 65 yards from the center of my living room to my mailbox, which is black with white letters on the sides. I propped open my front door and left the screen door closed, intending to use the screen as a substitute for fog, etc.

I had at the ready several different rifles and pistols mounted with IER and EER scopes and the one rifle mounted with a red dot scope. At dusk dark, I turned off the living room lights to eliminate light pollution and started aiming rifles and pistols through the screen door at the mailbox. The results : Through the red dot scope, I couldn't even tell I was looking at a mailbox. Through the Leupold, I could read the letters on the side of the mailbox.

Through all the others, including 4X scopes, I could see letters on the side of what was plainly a mailbox, but I could not see the letters clearly enough to read them. A subsequent test with a 2X20 Burris pistol scope produced the same results as with the 2.The original rear sights on Russian M91 rifles are a flat leaf graduated in arshini singular arshin which is an archaic Russian unit equal to 28". The base has five notches numbered 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 representing hundreds of arshini.

Chatellerault placed the numbers on the right side of the base while all other arsenals numbered the left side of the base as in the example below. The first pattern handguard on Dragoon and Cossack rifles wrapped around the sight base and the numbers were stamped in the wood itself.

The rear of the leaf is marked 13 through 27 also representing hundreds of arshini with a notch in the leaf itself serving the arshini yards range. However, the example below is not marked with the "26" or "27". The base is attached to the barrel by means of a dovetail and is soldered in place. With the adoption of the spitzer bullet in a new rear sight leaf designed by Konovalov was adapted to the existing base which did not change.

The arshin unit was retained and most M91s were retrofitted with the new leaf. The graduations on the back side are from 13 to 32 hundred arshini with the notch at the end of the leaf itself being eliminated. Dragoon sight leafs are stamped "KaB" and Cossack sight leafs are stamped "Ka3" to distinguish them from M91 sight leafs which are not marked.

The first two pictures below are a typical M91 rear sight base with the numbers on the left side while the second two pictures are a Chatellerault base with the numbers on the right side. The Russian M91, Dragoon, and Cossack front sights are a simple "barleycorn" blade dovetailed to a base which is integral to the barrel.

All graduations are on top of the leaf from 1 to 20 representing hundreds of meters. The base is attached to the barrel with a dovetail of the same size as the M There is a set screw at the rear of the base under the leaf and the base is also soldered in place.

Early leaves have a deep notch which extends down to the flat of the leaf and early slides have a slope on the forward top edge. In Izhevsk began attaching the base to the barrel with two pins eliminating the set screw and solder. Tula continued to use the older method throughout production.

Later leaves have a shallow notch and while the date of this change is uncertain, it was probably around WWII era slides are sloped both front and rear unlike the earlier ones sloped only to the front.

Many rifles do not have the correct era parts due to replacement during refurbishment, often using salvaged pieces. It is also possible that an older rear sight base was used for the upgrade so that is not conclusive. The base is identical to that found on the M91 and most of these blades were later replaced with the later post and globe.

Occasionally the tall blade is found as a replacement on later era rifles. Until the early s globe was milled from one piece of steel and the inner circle is round. During WWII the globe was made from a stamped piece of steel and welded to the bottom section. It is recognized by the slightly flattened area at the bottom of the inner circle.

mosin nagant complete rear sight

Both types of globes may be found on rifles from any era due to refurbishment. The graduations are marked on the top of the leaf from 1 to 10 representing hundreds of meters.

mosin nagant complete rear sight

The base is a sleeve which fits around the barrel and is held in place with one pin at the rear. Early bases have a straight slope from the rear to a point above the leaf pin. Due to replacement parts from any era may be found on rifles of any era. A rivet head pin was used to reinforce rear sight bases that were cracked at the weak point at the top rear of the base.Privacy Terms.

Quick links. Send email to admins russian-mosin-nagant-forum. This is an excellent place for new Mosin owners to ask questions. We have some of the best experts here looking forward to your questions. If you post a Mosin sniper rifle here, we may or may not move it to the sniper forum. Preservation forum, please no altered military surplus rifles or discussions on altering in this forum.

No sportsters. Please read the rules at the top of each forum. I purchased a historic version and I am not really sure of the proper way to install it. Does anyone have an exploded view or youtube video that shows the proper installation? Thanks in advance! There are hundreds of millions of gun owners in this country, and not one of them will have an accident today. The only misuse of guns comes in environments where there are drugs, alcohol, bad parents, and undisciplined children.

Pictures of what you currently have to help in the fix. Here is a photo of what I have. They are almost impossible to put back together without a C clamp or vise. The spring goes in first, then the sight and you place a small block of wood on the top to keep the sight from getting all scratched up and use the clamp to pull the holes in alignment.

Then the pin goes in. Maybe we can get JYD to do a video? I don't go to You Tube much as it makes me very irritated when I see some of the stuff they do over there. But I'll bet there is at least one good video on the rear sight. I use the chunk of aluminum and my shop vise with soft jaws installed to do mine.

It ain't the most fun I've ever had, and it's easier with three hands. I'll post a few pics if successful! Thanks again for your guidance! The tool that proved best was a big pair of vice grips with duct tape all over the teeth for protection.

One hand on the grips, flashlight in mouth and pin in other hand.The Mosin Nagant is a simple design that is easy to repair and maintain, but proper technique and an understanding of the design is important. This page will attempt to guide Mosin owners through partial and complete disassembly and provide a pictorial reference of the various parts. For information on which parts will interchange between various models, see the Mosin Nagant Parts Compatibility page.

Tools Quality gunsmithing tools are imperative to prevent damage during firearm disassembly. Anyone who's handled surplus firearms has seen the stripped screw heads, scratched metal and scarred wood.

While damage in battle is part of the history of a firearm, damage from poor maintenance techniques is a destruction of that history. Past damage can't be undone, but future damage can be prevented.

A good set of hollow ground screwdrivers in various sizes is the most useful tool on the firearm bench. Following that, brass and steel punches and a light hammer are very handy. Forceps for handling small parts and a magnetic bowl for keeping track of them are useful.

A well lit, clean work area also helps prevent the loss of small parts. A protective mat on the bench will protect the finish of the firearm and a gun vise can make the job much easier when "three hands" are required.

Mosin Nagant Parts & Accessories

Plastic picks, nylon brushes, paper or cloth towels, swabs and pipe cleaners make detail cleaning easier. A quality cleaning rod and patches will soon be appreciated over the discount variety for periodic maintenance. Types of solvent and opinions on their use are almost as numerous as gun owners and is beyond the scope of this page. Dummy cartridges for checking function, a firing pin protrusion gauge, and a set of headspace gauges round out the well equipped bench.

Other models have variations in the parts which will be covered later. The primary differences are in the stock hardware and sights, especially among the later Finnish models. For larger views, click on the pictures. Remove the sling by unbuckling the dog collars and removing them from the sling slots.

Unscrew the cleaning rod counterclockwise Depress the barrel band retaining springs and slide the barrel bands forward. Slide both barrel bands forward past the end of the stock and remove the handguard. The barrel bands will not come off the barrel at this time due to the front sight. Other models may differ in this.

Hold the trigger back and pull the bolt straight to the rear. Decock the bolt by turning the cocking knob 90 degrees counterclockwise and pull the bolt head and connector bar forward.

Mosin Nagant Sight Parts

Rotate the bolt head 90 degrees clockwise and pull it off the connector bar. Using the large notch on the bolt tool or the connector bar as a wrench, grasp the firing pin between the fingers and unscrew it counterclockwise. Be careful to grasp it firmly as the spring is under pressure. Remove the magazine tang screw. Remove the receiver tang screw.Check out this rear target sight for the Mosin Nagant I stumbled upon on eBay.

Has anyone out there used this particular sight with their Mosin? New from Anacortes Prototypes, custom made rear target sight assembly for the Mosin Nagant rifle. Finally, you can quit monkeying around with other products and install actual target sights on your mosin nagant with no drilling or tapping. This custom target rear sight assembly is windage and elevation adjustable and can be used with the G. It has a 80 — yard capability and includes two apertures.

Our products are manufactured in house on cnc centers from solid billets of T-3 aircraft grade aluminum and are hardcoat anodized. Everything we make comes with a unlimited lifetime warranty and we offer many in house gunsmithing services, including rifle accurizing and complete custom rifle builds.

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