Michelin pilot sport 4s vs bridgestone potenza

A high-precision process and a unique know-how associated to the perfect gesture of Michelin experts. All MICHELIN tyres have a Standard Manufacturer's Limited Warranty, which covers defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the original usable tread, or for 6 years from date of purchase, whichever occurs first.

I have had Michelins on my Mercedes from day one!! Care the tyres and they last for ever and a day!! I bought Sport 4s after listening and reading reviews I bought Pilot 4's for my son's Beamer michelin Energys for my wife's Peugeot Changed the Conti's on my M3 and haven't looked back Conti's are great too but value for money Mich has the edge With a sizable bill to replace Highly recommend these tyres.

Actual pricing may vary based on retailer, region, tyre size and other factors. Retailers are free to set individual prices. Please check with your local Michelin tyre dealer for pricing near you. Any questions, suggestions or comments are welcome and will be answered as quickly as possible. Your local dealer would be happy to help you find the best tyre for your needs and give you advice. You can find your local dealer here. View all sizes.

Find a dealer. Genuine passion. Exceptional drives. Fits your vehicle. Change vehicle Change size. Why is this the right tyre for me?

Car edito michelin pilot sport 4 s performance tyres. The maximum combined performance. Car edito michelin pilot sport 4 s crafting tyres.

Testing the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ 2019 - Tire Rack

A genuine crafting process. Premium design and rim protector. Acclaimed by car makers. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyre compared to its competitors. Car edito bridgestone potenza tyres. Potenza S Car edito continental sportcontact tyres.

SportContact 6. Car edito dunlop sportmaxx rt2 tyres. Sport Maxx RT 2. Car edito goodyear eagle f1 tyres. Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3. Car edito pirelli pzero nero gt tyres. P Zero Nero GT.Run flats also have another advantage: since you have four of them on your car, you can keep driving if you happen to experience a flat on more than one tire at a time. Now, there are many brands and many types of run flat tires. For this guide, we will provide you with a review of some popular run flat tires from Bridgestone, Michelin and Pirelli.

It performs well in wet and dry conditions, as well as moderate snowy conditions. The silica enhanced tread holds up well, and the tire delivers a comfortable and quiet ride while improving fuel efficiency.

The asymmetric tread helps with cornering and reducing the risk of hydroplaning. Twin steel belts and a rayon cord casing provide inner strength, especially in the sidewalls.

The Potenza REAS Pole Position RFTis designed to give maximum support in case of complete air loss in the tire while also delivering all-season capabilities and performance to match conventional tires.

Tread grooves move water through and away from the tire to help reduce the risk of hydroplaning. The block itself grips the road, enhancing traction in wet and moderately snowy conditions. As a high-performance tire, it performs excellently in wet and dry conditions and provides a high level of comfort.

The tread is designed to quiet road noise while also increasing steering response and resisting hydroplaning. Meanwhile, when tire pressure is good and normal, this tire provides able handling and durability at highway speeds.

It delivers on the ride. Traction is great in all conditions and even good in light snow, given the numerous biting edges designed to improve traction. The tread compound has sunflower oil added which helps provide increased traction in winter months, as well as better overall performance and enhanced braking and handling in wet conditions. An asymmetric tread design, molded from technologically advanced polymers, promotes even wear, while continuous ribs around the edge enhance lateral grip.

Is Michelin’s New Pilot Sport 4S Better Than the Pilot Super Sport?

Channels help keep water away from the tire in wet conditions and help reduce the chance of hydroplaning. Twin steel belts reinforced by nylon cap plies enhance strength and durability. The eco-conscious construction helps to increase fuel economy and reduce emissions and noise without sacrificing handling, stability or comfort as you drive.

The silica tread compound promotes road grip in dry, wet and light snow conditions. The four wide grooves help displace water and reduce the hazards of hydroplaning.

Inside, twin steel belts and polyester cord body provide strength and durability. While still largely a premium item, run flat tires are becoming more common as technology improves. Interested in run flat tires? Sounds good, but my donut does that. Final Thoughts While still largely a premium item, run flat tires are becoming more common as technology improves.Summer tires set high standards for dry and wet grip, but are not designed for cold, wintry weather.

They are suitable for many coupes, sedans, and sports cars. The Michelin Pilot Sport 4s is one of the rare few with a tread wear warranty, of 30, miles. Unlock for unbiased ratings and reviews for products and services you use everyday. In our lab tests, Tire models like the Pilot Sport 4s are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below. Handling: For most tires, Handling includes how well the tires perform; in an avoidance maneuver involving a swerve into the left lane and back into the right lane; on CR's wet handling circuit; and steering feel.

Ultra high performance summer tire. Reactivate now to get the information you were looking for! If you feel you have received this message in error, please view our customer care FAQs or access your account information here. Sign In. Become a Member. Remember Me. Not a member? Need further assistance? Please call Member Services at Overview Ratings Recommended Buying Guide. Subscribe Now. Or, Sign In. Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tire.

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michelin pilot sport 4s vs bridgestone potenza

Dry braking: Dry braking is measure of stopping performance from 60 to 0 mph. Wet braking: Wet braking is measure of stopping performance from 60 to 0 mph. Speed rating Speed rating Speed rating. This letter denotes the maximum sustainable speed and is found directly after the load index. For S-speed-rated tires, it's mph; for T, mph. Speed ratings for other tires include Q, 99 mph; H, mph; and Vmph.

Some tires have speed ratings of W, mph and Y, mph. While such speeds may seem wildly impractical, tires with higher speed ratings tend to provide better handling at legal speed limits.

Choose tires that have a speed rating at least as high as the one specified on your vehicle's placard or consult your vehicles owner's manual. Treadwear warranty Treadwear warranty Commonly used by tire manufacturers to market tires, the warranty describes the typical tread life of the tire.

michelin pilot sport 4s vs bridgestone potenza

Actual mileage will vary with vehicle type, driving style, road, and weather conditions, just to name a few variables. Typically, credit is based on the mileage not received. Key information includes Treadwear, Traction, and Temperature appearing on the sidewall of a tire. UTQG treadwear, an index developed by the government, compares a tire's tread life with that of a reference tire graded at A tire with a grade of is predicted to last three times as long as one graded at Treadwear grades are just one indicator of tread life, but actual tire life will vary due to a number of factors including road conditions, driving habits, vehicle, and maintenance.

UTQG temperature indicates the tire's ability to resist heat build-up under test conditions with Government grades of A, B, C, from best to worst.I am getting the '12 Nismo wheels from a friend and cannot decide on what tire to get for the new wheels.

I currently am running the PSS on the. Potenza Re vs. Pilot Super Sport I am getting the '12 Nismo wheels from a friend and cannot decide on what tire to get for the new wheels. Pilot Super Sport. I currently am running the PSS on the sport wheels and love them but they are expensive So I was looking for a cheaper alternative but still maintain the grip. But I am also not against getting the PSS again, just wanted to hear what experiences everyone had with the potenzas. I was not a fan of the ones that came OEM with the car.

PSS does everything else better. Pure performance go with the RE11s. Better all around tire and still perform very well get the PSS. That price difference used to be quite a bit more between those two tires. Certainly makes the Pilot Super Sports more attractive than they were in the past. EZTdanegrey and Hotrodz like this. Just purchased another set of PSS, just a good overall tire for me, got about on them, did autocross with them to Res on all 4s and am in love.

Grip, low noise. No regrets. HotrodzmadwiChaseZ and 1 others like this. DarkJakosbornsmHalfkiddio and 1 others like this. Member of kenchan's "photoshopped mods" and "proper offsets" gang. Originally Posted by cooltoy. Originally Posted by MacCool. Originally Posted by Z-Girl Re11's or the old PSS's??? What should I get. Originally Posted by jewelz. Originally Posted by Nixin. They have a mileage warranty. If you have a staggered setup, it's 15k miles. Square is 30k. That cuts their price in half for the next set if you drive like me.To many, this was no surprise.

On the street and track, the Michelin …. These two tires are great options, and you can see the differences between them by reading, "Bridgestone Potenza S Pole Position vs …. The Michelin is ranked number two in our customer survey data just behind the newer Blizzak WS and after driving on both I would agree with our customers feedback on the two. Need help choosing the right product for your vehicle?

Our team of highly trained experts has the knowledge and passion to help. Just pick up the phone and give us a ring. Our experts love solving problems and lending a hand or ear. Why Tire Rack? Order Tracking Customer Support. Bridgestone Vs Michelin. If you are seeing this message, we have detected that Javascript support is currently disabled in your browser preferences. Reviews Tech Articles 1. Videos All Highway All-Season Ratings Charts.

michelin pilot sport 4s vs bridgestone potenza

Looking for a Quiet Summer Performance Tire? Best snow tires for winter driving : Bridgestone versus Michelin. Related Products: Dueler Vs Defender. Original Equipment tires Vs. Aftermarket tires …then you should most likely be driving on performance-oriented tires.

Off-Road Maximum Traction vs. Powered by.Chicago restaurateur and famed chef, Curtis Duffy, knows a thing or two about combining carefully-selected ingredients into a critically-acclaimed product. His eating establishment, Grace, is one of only three Michelin three-star restaurants to ever earn the prestigious, top-level rating in the Windy City and is one of just 15 eateries in the U.

Huc and the rest of the team knew they had to master the recipe for the PS4S. We traveled to Palm Springs, California to see if the French company mastered the mixture for the new black rubber donut, upping the game beyond the PSS. First, it's important to clarify the somewhat perplexing name of the new Michelin tire.

The '4S' in PS4S does not mean it's a four-season all-season tire. To add to the confusion, Michelin also has the new Pilot Sport 4. That tire doesn't hold the same ultimate performance focus as the PS4S and is exclusively a European-market tire, outside of a handful of OEM applications.

That's why there is an 'S' in 'PS4S,' signifying a level of performance beyond the Pilot Sport 4, similar to Porsche's badging scheme for the Carrera S versus the standard Carrera.

They also wanted to maintain wear — the 30,mile warranty. Only two of the original compounds made it into the dual-compound PS4S. New functional elastomers rubber are utilized, which are patented and manufactured in-house by Michelin.

The outer portion of the tire features carbon black material, increasing dry grip by managing and dissipating heat. A variable contact patch reduces stresses and pressures on the tire, improving grip further. Our validation took place at The Thermal Club — a private country club track facility just outside picturesque Palm Springs, California. We started on an autocross course — a surprisingly wet autocross course. You can almost guarantee dry conditions in the desert but, surprisingly, the skies opened shortly before our drive.

Given that one of Michelin's key goals was to expand wet performance beyond the PSS, we wonder if the company made a deal with Mother Nature. Either way, the PS4S did not disappoint. The rear-wheel drive BMW i test vehicle impressively resisted understeer and easily transferred the robust torque of the turbocharged inline-6 into forward motion on the drenched pavement.

Further Michelin highlights include overall consistency and confidence, as well as braking performance. We casually measured wet braking from roughly 60 mph on the PS4S versus the Bridgestone and the Michelin came out on top by an average of 12 feet.

Michelin's more-scientific internal testing reveals the PS4S beats the Potenza by 2. Again, grip was plentiful and, when the limits of adhesion were reached, the Michelin UHP tire gave us plenty of warning, with a progressive drop in its hold on the rain-soaked circuit. Like on the autocross track, the PS4S also allowed brisk acceleration out of slow corners without significantly triggering the traction control. Keep in mind that the BMW M4 is known to overwhelm the rear tires at low speeds, even on dry pavement.

The pace was slow and the loop relatively short, but it allowed us to confirm that the PS4S is a smooth and responsive tire on public roads with no glaring flaws or issues. We found turn-in to be a particular highlight on that portion of the test. Our thoughts on road noise will have to wait until we're on more familiar pavement and we'll have to take Michelin's word on wear, at least for now.

S and importing the remaining 16 from Europe. We currently have 60 active O. We look forward to spending more time behind the wheel of a PS4S-equipped vehicle on our local roads and race tracks but the initial experience in Palm Springs appears to confirm that Michelin is still one of the best chefs in the business of tire preparation.

Features Ethos. We head to the desert to sample the new rubber recipe. Marc Noordeloos writer.H1shawn1 Well-Known Member. Hey Guys, just ordered a set of 4 Bridgestone Potenza Sa tires from tire rack and since they didn't have a direct comparison test between the two tires I figured I'd mash together their test data and share it here.

What We'd Improve: Nothing. Sa What We Liked: Offers a nice step up in dry traction without much sacrifice to comfort.

Bridgestones v Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

What We'd Improve: Could use some additional steering feel and an increase in wet grip. A couple of quick thoughts here. I get skeptical whenever a reviewer starts to sound like they are the product developers extremely proud mom. Come on tire rack you seriously can't think of a single thing you'd improve. Also interesting note here is that Tire Rack has the MP4S listed as a max performance tire and the Bridgestone Sa listed as an extreme performance tire.

My guess is that these are specified by manufacturer and only really play a role on what tires tire rack decides to use for their direct tire comparisons. That at least explains why I had to keep flip flopping between two browser windows to compare the test results of each. Now for the data.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S Review: The New Top Dog Of The Tyre World?

The largest differentiating factors between the MP4S tire and Sa is wet stopping distance, and price. I daily my S, but drive very cautiously in the rain so couldn't justify the extra cost perhaps I just jinxed myself with that statement. I also lucked out by ordering tires on the wife's laptop and had a ebates app pop up getting me an additional 4. April seems to be a very good time to buy tires.

One last note, tread wear rating on the MP4S is while the tread wear rating on the Sa is I don't trust these numbers at all, but I will be sure to mention it in a review update if I start to notice the Potenza's wearing noticeably quicker then the Michelin Pilot Super Sports they are replacing.

NightmareMoon Well-Known Member.

michelin pilot sport 4s vs bridgestone potenza

Great data, very good to see, thanks! Now we just need to know how the SA handles getting melty hot at the track. We know the MP4S does ok when too hot.

RegDir Well-Known Member. Nice write up. In my experience the stickier summers give away some wet performance which is fine with me because I don't push it on wet roads, too many variables. Roadway 5. Great comparison; these are two fantastic tires without a doubt. Data aside, I think the Michelin shines best in the subjective categories of steering response, steering feel, and ride quality in respect to performance. That includes shipping to your door and VAT.

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