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Shwi noMtekhala first came to my attention in late when Shwi was busted with close to kg of weed in his bakkie. Read all about it here. Now the duo are back with a new album. Those able to delve into the Zulu lyrics will find songs of personal pain and redemption. Elsewhere, he writes losing his mother and cousin on the same day, while his partner Mtekhala aka Rogers Magubane sings about having his house and livestock burnt in his home in KZN.

To reduce the music to its individual components and common characteristics however is to miss out on the individually crafted beauty of each song.

The sound never grows tired, and offers something new on every listen. The title track incorporates mbaqanga basslines and scathamiya vocals. The remix of the track that ends the album is a drum-heavy dub mix of the original.

Vocals are handled by Ali Mgube, supported by a trio of backing singers, and oscillate between impassioned singing and highly charged rapping interludes. Unsurprisingly, the title track is an appeal for our team to pull finger and make us proud inand should prove popular come soccer time.

Even at their worst, amaSAP are only a little too mellow or repetitive. They may not have quite the same polished vibe as Shwi noMtekhala, but this is still a sweet disc. If you have any interest at all in authentic local sounds, Shwi noMthekala and amaSAP are where you need to be.

About Advertise.Khuzani Mpungose is currently arguably the most popular Maskandi artist. Inhlinini Yoxolo, his latest album, songs, MP3 downloads, and videos are in so much demand by his fans nationwide. Before it was even released, it had already received about 11 orders by fans from his various found mainly in KwaZulu Natal, Gauteng and Mpumalanga Provinces.

This meant, before the album was even launched, it had received about 14 album orders. With this kind of demand, Inhlinini Yoxolo will most likely sell more than 30 albums by the end of the Easter weekend.

This will mean it becomes a Platinum Selling Album in just about 10 days of its release. MP3 Downloads and Videos have already been seen on a number of sites. Mema Ontanga. Ngiyalesaba Ijele. Part 1 of this album has 14 tracks and Part 2 is also expected to have 14 when it is released in about three months time. This is the first time such Maskandi music sees this kind of release. Khuzani has just set a new trend.

Inhlinini Yoxolo — How to order new album by Khuzani Mpungose.

Maskandi Music 2018 mp3 download

Khuzani Mpungose Album — Inhlinini Yoxolo…. Khuzani reveals the instigator of war between him and…. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ultimate magazine theme for WordPress. Likes Followers Followers Subscribers Followers. By Maskandi Music Last updated Jul 25, Maskandi Music.

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Maskandi Mix

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maskandi ezothando

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maskandi ezothando

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Ezempilo 13h00 Friday. The Adrenaline Drive 15h00 Friday. Xpensive Music Corner 17h00 Friday. Sphethe Ez'shisayo 18h00 Friday. The Element 20h00 Friday. Urban Vibez 22h00 Friday.Maskandi is a kind of Zulu folk music that is evolving with South African society. It is the music of the man walking the long miles to court a bride, or to meet with his Chief; a means of transport. It is the music of the man who sings of his real life experiences, his daily joys and sorrows, his observations of the world.

Nowadays this is untrue in as much as it is no longer just the domain of men. African women - notably the Busi Mhlongo, and in more recent times Dr. Maskandi happens to be the second top selling genre in South Africa, after Gospel music. These perceptions are beginning to change quite rapidly, as the world observes more people following African oriented trends. Although the genre has been in existence for many years, after the 90's there seemed to be no real interest shown in the music by youths and young musicians.

This was due to the large influences of western and pop culture, which led to most young musicians to choose to pursue western genres of music such as Hip-Hop, Pop and RnB. This led to the problem of having very few young Maskandi musicians to carry the genre forward, putting the future of the genre at risk.

In recent years more evolved Maskandi acts have emerged including quite notably the likes of Mbuzeni Mkhize, Imfezi Emnyama, Igcokama Elisha King Duyaza, Mjikjelwa Ngubane Late Amageza Amahle, The Bunny Chows Carrots the late Khulekanikwakhe Umgqumeni Mseleku ka Khumalo who can be said to be the father of the Maskandi as most of the artists who sing the music today follow his style of singing, with long recitations of his achievements and trials in life-known as izibongo. Khuzani Mpungose, Mdumazi Mhlongo, Dlubheke and others, who have taken up the role of youth activists for the genre.

Such "newer" acts have dedicated themselves to the preservation and appreciation of Maskandi music, as well as traditional forms of music as a whole. Many of these newer Maskandi musicians advocate for youth and future generations to learn from and co-innovate with their more experienced counterparts, in order to ensure the secrets and intricate nuances of Maskandi are properly and correctly preserved for future generations.

Between the '60s and early '90s Maskandi acts Izingane ZomaBhekumuzi Luthuli and Mfaz'Omnyama contributed to exposing Maskandi to the international market. Maskandi is typically played on cheap, portable instruments, or modern instruments tuned or produced to imitate the polyphonic sounds of the old instruments.

Traditionally, a Maskandi musician had one song, a long one that evolved as the story of the musician's life grew. Nowadays albums may contain the usual tracks, some of which though may still be over the three-minute mark. Although there are several variations of Maskandi, the instrumental ensemble typically remains the same in all variations. This is deliberately done to keep the unique sound. When listening to Maskandi, these are the typical instruments to be heard:.

As there is very little documented literature and information readily available on Maskandi, it is therefore not common knowledge that there are actually subgenres or variations of Maskandi.

It is important to consider Maskandi as more of a lifestyle or way of life, as opposed to explicitly a musical genre. Other variations of Maskandi include:. All of which have their own unique identifying traits which are easily picked up and identified by Maskandi enthusiasts. More recently there have been artists and other musicians who have labelled their music "Maskandi", however the music does not meet a lot of the minimum requirements or criteria for a musical piece to be accepted as real Maskandi.

This is largely due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of traditional Maskandi music.Maskandi Music Mp3 Download. The album titled Nono is made up of 11 tracks. Convert and download any video and playlists from YouTube to MP3 in seconds. News Christmas Song Downloads Available. All free! Download and enjoy it now! Or find a playlist in the sidebar and click the download. Joe Shirimani — Mp3 Download. Download Free ringtones. Save your music into high quality MP3 files, perfectly separated into individual tracks, and automatically tagged with all the song information.

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There are a lot of MP3 sites around, but this is the first one we've seen that is devoted to MP3 music files for children. Our music library is free, in the public domain, and available lossless or in HD. Maskandi Music is Zulu Music. Micro Cuts 8. Listen to live concerts at nugs.

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Maskandi Music 2019 Mp3 Download

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maskandi ezothando

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maskandi ezothando

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