Lauga faasamoa

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Popular bookmarking tool Pocket today introduced Pocket Premium, a new paid service designed to help you save pieces of the Internet forever Related Searches. Sort Feedly articles by popularity in Chrome cnet. Publisher admits it used articles by bogus reporters cbsnews. How to expand Google Reader articles in the current tab cnet. Pocket's new premium service saves articles and websites forever cnet.Last Updated 6 February, Ever see the matai in your family walking around muttering to themselves?

I hope it helps you, too. Back to Arato village. Likewise, Robin is the tulafale for Batman. The hierarchy of titles in this village would therefore be:. The real magic happens when you know a little something about the history of our made-up Arato village. Our example here is still pretty basic.

'Alagaupu Samoa

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. You may have noticed. Many Samoan families have a preference for arranging their living rooms in a large, inward-facing oblong or oval formation, with the backs of all the couches and armchairs pushed up against the walls.

If you know anything about life in Samoa, you might guess that this practice is just a remnant […]. How we greet people is a very public demonstration of this respect. I was going to look at twelve of those proverbs, consult with the Samoan cultural experts in my life then share with you what I had learned. At LONG last island time, […].

lauga faasamoa

Post Views: 5, How do you say car in Samoan? A Samoan Matai and Language Challenge. Just my 2 sene fesoasoani. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Last Updated 6 February, My grandfather was a diligent note-keeper. This grandfather was also a gifted orator.

He died when I was very young, but I still hear stories about how so many villages would invite him to their various functions to hear him speak, and how he was paid handsomely — in the currency of food and fine mats — for his eloquence.

They say that while he was usually soft-spoken, his words were always very powerful. The difference in the Samoan language is that these proverbs and idioms are usually only studied by our talking chiefs tulafale.

They are highly valued and guarded like precious jewels. You have to be a skilled speaker to compete against other tulafale for the honor and the spoils of delivering commemorative speeches at various functions.

So in an oratory culture like ours, alagaupu and muagagana are like sacred ammunition, kept stashed away until absolutely necessary for the task at hand. In the meantime, thank the good Lord for Palagi historians like Dr. He collected a huge number of alagaupu and muagagana AND he explained them.

I found an excerpt of his book over at the Journal of the Polynesian Societythen I turned one of his findings into this graphic image:. That lucky moon gets to come back after it sets. People are not so fortunate. We only get to pass through this life one time.

O muagagana ma o latou uiga

An interesting culture indeed that we have. I hope you can rekindle your grandfathers legacy for the sake of future Samoa and generations after. Has it been 20 years yet? Loving what you do here Hamo Geek Girl! I have a few pages that i have found in our old house, my grandfathers Mums side collection, i dont understand any of them.

I showed them to my Dad, who is a skilled Tulafale, since he was 16, he loved reading them, and explained and even corected some of the words in it, so many beautiful stories that go with them, one really made me cry because of the story behind it, about a village that was suffering from a drought, and no one had water, it hadnt rained in a very long time… I remember sheding some tears when my Dad told me the story behind it, True Provebs only the very skilled orators know and even remember their meanings, and origins, not many even keep a record anymore, so you posting it all up will be a great service to samoans everywhere!!

Thank you, and Well done, keep up the good work, faafetai ia ma le le alofa, manuia lo galuega! Sure i can, but id rather not, well, not the ones that i have, they are not your everyday provebs.

And just out of respect for the culture. If i was a matai, i would love to share it with you, but im just a botz, for now, eager learner, keen student, but amazingly fiabotz.O nisi nei o muagagana e masani ona tatou faalogo iai i lauga a tulafale.

O le taumafaiga o lenei vasega, ina ia mafai ona faamatala o latou uiga. A tonu e iai taimi tatou te faalogo atu ai e le o talafeagai le uiga o lea o upu ma lea upu. Ae o le auga tonu lena o le tatou vasega lea. Afai foi e le o gatasi le futia ma umele i sou faafofoga ia tusi mai le This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Upu Amata Ai Lauga Faasamoa

At times, we hear common and popular proverbs from our Samoan orators, the aim of this class is to expound on its meaning. Maulolo Tavita is well known in our country for his knowledge and application of the faasamoa. He is a well known orator in Samoa. He is currently one of the owners of the Samoa Culture Centre at Falelauniu.

lauga faasamoa

He also runs his own consultancy firm Fatuaiupu Consult Ltd and has been engaged in various community and government projects. In terms of his contribution to the faasamoa, he has written two books. Fausaga o Lauga 1, and Fausaga o Lauga 2. He has also written and co-authored various academic papers on the subject of faasamoa and the samoan language.

O muagagana ma o latou uiga. Table of Contents. O Samoa ua uma ona tofi.

Fa’alupega and the Samoan lauga

Free No Registration. Ae ou te lei soaina le lualoto nai le itu-tolu o Sagaga ma le fale-ono a le Atigaga. Ae afai foi o iai ni upu o loo e fia malamalama ai, tusi mai ma faailoa mai sou finagalo. Maulolo Tavita Amosa. Site Email. Maulolo has kindly offered his time to be our Lead Teacher as part of our Tulafale.

Alagaupu e maua mai Faugafale - 1. Upu e maua mai le faiva o le Seugalupe. Welcome to Tulafale.E tele Alagaupu Samoa mai i aso anamua. E 40 tausaga na faigaluega ai Pratt i Samoa i Matautu i Savai'i.

O 'alagaupu nei na lomia i le tausaga i le tusi A Grammar and Dictionary of the Samoan language, with English and Samoan vocabulary. Ia tupu se fusi. The crab did not consult with its legs that they should pinch; they did it of themselves.

Applied to youths who get into trouble without consulting the elders. Applied by one of himself when speaking before great chiefs. Applied to children present at conversation of grown people. It is very long coming, but will be satisfying. Of an oven of food long in preparation, but satisfying.

Applied generally to expected but delayed good. A mouthful and a blow; or of a canoe both leaky and with the waves coming in. Applied to one over-burdened with different tasks. First of all a house. Applied to one having neither strength nor means, but who talks of building a house. Applied to those rejecting good things when offered.

It is like the journey of Oloolo. Applied to a thing proposed to be done, but yet left undone. A Samoan myth. Two taro planted away; i. The town Anini was burning, and Aveavai said it served them right, for they were thieves; but the fire spread to Aveavai, and they, too, were burned out. When the river dries up, water is found only in the bason of the waterfall. Applied to all being of one mind in a council. Pick the breadfruits on the far-off branches first.

Applied to any work, etc.

Tauvaga Lauga i Uelegitone NZ.

Do the most difficult first. Let it be thrown on the deck of the large canoe. A depreciatory saying of a speaker. One family. It grew in the bush, but it is cast away in the road.

This is a secret; lit. Only a threat. In the game of tatia when counted wrongly; applied to anything not paid for. Of anything quick, like a canoe before the wind. To obey like a canoe before the wind. To request to be respectful; lit. To dismiss an assembly.

Fale-taeao e le afiafi.Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Fausaga O Lauga Samoa. Other editions. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Ulese Amosa. Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Get A Copy.

Expected publication: by National University of Samoa first published January 1st More Details Original Title.

Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Fausaga O Lauga Samoaplease sign up. See 1 question about Fausaga O Lauga Samoa…. Lists with This Book.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews.MATI Manatu muamua o te Lauga: Ko te lagona mafai o katoatoa te gali o te avega o te meaalofa. Fuiono Piita. Ko lagona te Tikisonale a Lotu Kau. Nov 30, - Siaki ina ia sa'o le fa'asologa o itlau 28 o lenei pepa su'ega ma o lo'o i ai tusitusiga i itlau uma.

Faitau le lauga, Vaega o le lauga fa'afetai Londra un giovane italiano, Carlo. Demirco, e una. PDF Document Bellow will give you all similar to upu amata ai lauga faasamoa! Jan 29, - I am inspired by her words from her autobiographical essay. The Mandalas Do. Not Break in which she Through her writing and her example she has inspired me and given me a new understanding of what our faith. This PDF book provide mandala autobiography essay example information.

lauga faasamoa

To download free hellwig award speech by amata miller, ihm association of you need to register. This PDF book contain folasaga o lauga document. To download free lauga and talanoaga you need to register. Ao o le Malo Samoa. Soo se pese lotu, e 'auga i le momoli o le fe'au i le upu ma le fati. This PDF book incorporate lauga feiloaiga information.

To download free lauga o le kerisimasi the head of state you need to register. Afai la o taleni o le meaalofa lea a le Atua mo tatou lana fanau, o le taui sili tatou te faafoi ai le faafetai i le Atua, o le faaaogaina tatau lea o na taleni.

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