Killjoys season 5 episode 7

Sign In. Edit Killjoys — D'avin Jaqobis 50 episodes, Tamsen McDonough Pree 39 episodes, Rob Stewart Khlyen 31 episodes, Patrick Garrow Turin 31 episodes, Mayko Nguyen Zeph 25 episodes, Sean Baek Fancy Lee 25 episodes, Gavin Fox Gared 20 episodes, Morgan Kelly Alvis Akari 19 episodes, Sarah Power Pawter Simms 15 episodes, Atticus Mitchell Pippin Foster 11 episodes, Jaeden Noel The Lady 9 episodes, Ted Atherton Gander 7 episodes, Nora McLellan Bellus Haardy 7 episodes, Frank Moore The Warden 7 episodes, Pascal Langdale Jelco 6 episodes, Karen LeBlanc Coren Jeers 5 episodes, Ish Morris Weej 5 episodes, Tori Anderson Sabine 4 episodes, Ava Laferriere Tattoo-Face Guy 4 episodes, Karen GlaveKilljoys is a Canadian space adventure drama television series that aired on Space channel in Canada.

The show was officially ordered to series on October 7,with a episode pick-up. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. The Hollywood Reporter.

killjoys season 5 episode 7

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Cherchez La Bitch

After apprehending a smuggler, Johnny takes some alone time when he is alerted that there is a Level 5 kill warrant for Kobee Andras. After Johnny attempts to hide his intentions from Dutch, she finds out that Johnny took out the kill warrant in her name and goes to find Johnny. Johnny fights Andras who is Johnny's brother, D'avin.

Dutch catches up to Johnny and she realizes that Fancy Lee is double booked on the kill warrant, and that the mark is Johnny's brother. Dutch hits D'avin with a nerve block and they take him onto Lucy.

Episode List

Dutch comes up with a plan to trade something big the Company wants in exchange for removing the kill warrant. They make a plan to get a microchip that was stolen from the Company. The monk, a revolutionary, is killed by D'avin in the process. The warrant on D'avin is cancelled in exchange for finding the microchip. After the mission, Dutch receives a red box containing a weapon, the same type that she received as a child through her training.

The Killjoys take a warrant just to pay off their debt for the damage done on Qresh. Dutch is told she has a new warrant, a prisoner exchange, which she tries to turn down but Hills threatens her and forces her to take it. Soon it becomes a hostage situation between the prisoner's sister and the Mayor's daughter.

The trio find themselves at Sugar Point, a run-down area where scavengers steal anything of value. The ship is shot down in the scavenger territory. While D'avin and Dutch make their way towards the building where the hostage situation is, Johnny finds himself in the ship and surrounded by scavengers, and manages to use the ships resources to get rid of them. The duo get captured by organ harvesters, but manage to escape, and take the Mayor's daughter back by directing the scavengers to the warlord's domain.

Back on Westerly the trio go to the Royale and while discussing D'avin's options Dutch recommends that D'avin become a Killjoy, he accepts. Dutch's old teacher, Khlyen has requested her to kill someone for him and Dutch goes off on her own to find out why Khlyen wants the person dead.

Michael Robison. D'avin passes the interview to become a Killjoy, minus his psych eval. He starts as a Level 4, outranking Johnny. Dutch interrogates the man Khlyen wants dead, but he has no idea why he is wanted dead, so she releases him.

Johnny's friend N'oa wants him to take a warrant on her missing husband so she will not go to prison. D'avin asks Pawter to sign his psych eval and she agrees if he will get her a ride on Lucy to Leith.

Killjoys Season 5 Moments: Next to Normal

On Leith Johnny goes undercover as a field worker and Dutch as a Hokk distributor. They hack the computer and find Vincent's ear tracker but it does not lead them to Vincent.TV Schedule. Sign In. Killjoys — Season: 1 2 3 4 5. S5, Ep1. Error: please try again. Dutch realizes The Lady has put Westerley under a collective delusion and in a world without memory, nothing is what it seems.

S5, Ep2. Awake from the memory matrix, Dutch is determined to wake her friends and stop the Lady, before it's too late. S5, Ep3. After escaping The Lady's clutches and reuniting with Lucy, the Killjoy trio start to wonder if there is a traitor amongst them.

S5, Ep4. The Killjoy trio must figure out a way to breakout from an inescapable maximum security prison. S5, Ep5. Dutch enters the deadly Supermax prison and fights her way to the top as she seeks a chance to take over the entire ship. S5, Ep6. Dutch's prison takeover is thwarted by an unexpected hostage situation, leaving her, D'avin and John scrambling for a new plan.

S5, Ep7. The team goes undercover on a Leithian military base to help find The Lady's true body. S5, Ep8. Dutch and Zeph embark on a sisterly road trip to a dangerous cult on Leith to find the key to The Lady's destruction. S5, Ep9. The Lady's terraforming plans are becoming a reality, as the Killjoy trio scramble to find a way to defeat her. S5, Ep Dutch uses Khlyen to bait The Lady and finds herself in the midst of a final, epic showdown.This Killjoys review contains spoilers.

While it appears the Herks Supermax Prison warden may unfortunately have played her final scene, her impact endures as Zeph, Fancy, and more importantly, Lucy rescue the core group putting it into position to make a final run at stopping The Lady once and for all.

The hushed tone of the opening scene lays the groundwork for what may prove to be the ultimate goal for our heroes and a potentially satisfying conclusion to the Killjoys saga — the freedom to move on with their lives.

Ad — content continues below. As often happens on Killjoys, the trip to Leith to access a military communication satellite offers up a mixed bag of narrative delights. Rather than play her as a hackneyed version of the person in charge, the writers instead portray The Warden as a woman with a brain, and perhaps more importantly, compassion.

Yes, she cuts her deals, but for the express purpose of keeping her operation running smoothly that benefits not only her but the prisoners as well. And while we may be done with The Warden, prisoner Calvert, a former soldier herself, joins the team as its mission requires it to infiltrate a military base in order to send a message.

Now able to roam relatively freely, former Lt.

killjoys season 5 episode 7

Though she helps John successfully send out the signal, her disappearance creates another opportunity for Calvert to make a moral statement. Understandably, this aspect has to be sped up, but I would have like to have seen it earned just a bit more. Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox!

Dave Vitagliano has been writing and podcasting about science fiction television since You can read more of his work here. He presently hosts the Sci Fi Fidelity podcast. Dave's passion lies with writing and podcasting about science fiction television and film. Skip to main content area. Read more: Killjoys Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Three Mutineers And while we may be done with The Warden, prisoner Calvert, a former soldier herself, joins the team as its mission requires it to infiltrate a military base in order to send a message.

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Tags: Killjoys Killjoys Season 5. Written by Dave Vitagliano. Read more from Dave Vitagliano.The Killjoys are free of The Lady and are waiting to hear from Zephyr. Pree and Zeph are struggling through the Westerley Badlands to get to a safe house. The Lady tells Khlyen that everyone on Westerley will be dead in eight days. Johnny determines that The Lady and her hatchlings can't survive in a normal atmosphere.

The Killjoys seek to find The Lady's true body. Turin catches up with Pree and Zephyr at the safe house and arrives with a hatchling he stole, so Zeph can study it.

The Killjoys recruit Calvert to go undercover with them on a Lethian military base. The base doubles as a theme park for civilians. Johnny and Calvert go to infiltrate the lower levels while D'avin and Dutch stand guard. D'avin and Dutch get sucked into playing tour guides. Zeph remembers something shaped like the hatchling but they have to go back to Old Town to access her files.

They walk into a death squad. Johnny starts mapping The Lady's warship.

killjoys season 5 episode 7

Then he, Dutch, and D'avin get captured by soldiers, while Calvert disappears. Fancy escapes. Pree goes for Gared and finds out Gared is awake.

Johnny cuts himself loose and goes after Calvert. Zeph and Turin get attacked in her lab and the hatchling escapes. They trap it in the lab. Johnny tells Calvert everything and convinces her to work with them so her daughter can survive. Turin draws the death squads away so Zeph can get to The Royale's tunnels. Johnny and Calvert free Dutch and D'av. Pree and Gared talk things out. Fancy rescues Zeph.Let's face it. With the characters facing the end of the world as they know it, that doesn't leave a lot of room for chuckles.

That isn't to say there isn't repeated laughs from the snark that infiltrates much of the dialogue on Killjoys. The funny is never too far away. But some of the best episodes of Killjoys involve capers, with the team going undercover to complete a mission. This time, Dutch, D'avin, and Johnny got to play soldiers, with only D'av able to fill that role with any authenticity.

Even better, they were accompanied by another former soldier, Calvert, the assassin from Killjoys Season 5 Episode 4 who has quickly become the show's equivalent of Harley Quinn. This episode seemingly marks the end of the Killjoys' stay aboard the Herks Supermax prison ship.

They did indirectly eliminate two warring jailhouse bosses. Also, they could investigate in ways her guards never could. However, Killjoys were bound to be targets, regardless of how they saved the prisoners on Killjoys Season 5 Episode 6. What an ingenious idea to help fund a military base through "militainment!

Of course, Calvert, the loose cannon, was the key to them fulfilling their mission, browbeating the guard into letting her and Johnny pass. At least Johnny was able to find the AWOL Calvert and convince her to stay in the fight with them so that she and her daughter would have a home to which they could return. Meanwhile, D'av got roped into giving a presentation. He certainly got into that history of Leith, which Dutch illustrated with toys.

It's no wonder they got picked up for suspicious behavior, because they looked out of place. D'av arguing with the know-it-all kid didn't help matters. Even after all these years, D'av is still outside of the Dutch-Johnny bond. That was clear while watching his expression as Johnny freed Dutch's lock pick. That certainly led to the philosophical discussion over Johnny's sabbatical and how Dutch and D'av would work as a team, without Johnny there as a buffer.

It wouldn't work nearly as well as the current threesome. They would have to bring Zephyr on board for the intellectual tasks that Johnny now handles.

killjoys season 5 episode 7

What Zephyr, Pree, and Turin was doing wasn't undercover although it was secretive but it was caper-like as well. Pree, the most social of the characters, paired with the introverted Zephyr was a wonderful odd couple. Throwing Turin, the most antisocial character, into the mix made for enjoyable verbal clashes among the trio. Speaking of dicks, it may have taken most of the season but Fancy finally played a key role in an episode.

For those wondering what happened to Fancy since he was captured on Killjoys Season 5 Episode 4he has just been hanging around. And what were those mewling cocoons that he went to investigate? More developed hatchlings than those in the boxes, perhaps? That could be a problem Dutch and company haven't yet considered.

Let's see if I have what happened from there. Lucy, revived by Nucy, rescued Fancy, who saved Zephyr. Then they and Lucy picked up the Killjoys plus Calvert. They cleared the air, anyway. Pree kept Gared entranced to protect him. Gared did as Khlyen asked to protect Pree. Both admitted they did the wrong thing for the right reason. Khlyen remains the wild card.When we last left our heroes, they had just thrown a cloaking device over the Supermax prison ship to evade The Lady's armada, and set about floating through space searching for Are they finally free?

But considering that The Lady and Khlyen think that they were blown up in that massive explosion, the Killjoys might have the leg up, at least for a few more episodes. The Lady still needs Khlyen's help, but he's depressed. So she tells him about her evil plans to make human like on Westerly impossible, and he has a change of heart.

Meanwhile, in a desert outpost, Pree, Zeph, and Turin have gathered to figure out how to stop The Lady's plan, and to dissect one of her spawn, which Turin so graciously brought to the party. To experiment on the little bug, Zeph needs to get a camera inside the cube.

Camera inside glass case holding prisoner vicious tentacle spawn. Good luck, folks. Back on the Supermax, Johnny thinks he's found a way to hack into The Lady's armada, so that when they do end up killing her, they can witness it.

Only thing is it involves using the Supermax ship's systems, a satellite on Leith, and a prisoner. The Killjoys choose Kalvert, the assassin who was out to kill Sparlow. She brings them to a convention on her home planet where there's plenty of war weapons to be bought, sold, and, lucky for them, stolen.

Back to the science project: Zeph is able to get a signal and snap a brief picture of the organism, but it freaks out and interrupts the signal. Nevertheless, Zeph thinks she might have seen the creature before, but to know for certain she'll need to check her files. Which are back in Old Town. Road trip! Johnny and Kalvert bust their way into a control room at the Leith weapons convention, and Johnny gets to work connecting Newcy to the mainframe.

They slide into The Lady's armada's DMs big time. The Killjoys, minus Kalvert who ran off, end up getting picked up by the real military personnel, and thrown into a holding cell. Johnny's able to chew through his restraint and run away, while D'av and Dutch await the man with the retinal scanner. They're interrupted by one of The Lady's assassins. Zeph shoots and kills the assailant, but in so doing breaks the container holding the specimen. Johnny catches up with Kalvert.

After a little tussle, she explains to him why she's running away: to get back to her daughter. He explains to her why he can't let that happen, touching as Kalvert's reason may be: if she escapes, The Lady will know there are survivors, and she'll send in reinforcements. It's a tough break, but Johnny promises to bring her back to Leith when all this is over. After having evaded the bug, Turin pulls a fast one and traps Zeph behind a reinforced door.

To protect her from the coming onslaught. When the wall comes down, the logic goes, the coast should be clear.

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