Harry potter ageplay fanfic

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Carlos and Little! BDSM and the related kinks that go with it are not a new concept to their triad, this dynamic in particular is though. This might be something that the three of them can do together, for once. Takaba Akihito, a newly-awakened incubus, is unwillingly whisked away to Russia under the wing of Mikhail Arbratov. Rosen, making good on his promise to Auru, insisted that his friend should relax and unwind to the fullest that he could. They both had the day free after all, no sense in wasting it.

Besides, Rosen knew Auru so well Out of all of the things, though, Auru wasn't expecting any of this. Besides, it's not like Rosen's wrong. At all. About any of it. Seokjin and Namjoon have waited decades for a little of their own. Taehyung just wants to pay for his sister's education.

Peter Parker has a secret that none of his classmates knows about and he'd like to keep it that way. Unlucky for him he has to go on a field trip to his house and his Mom, Dad and big brother are adamant that everyone finds out. Private tutoring wasn't looking so bad after all. Harry is starting Hogwarts a whole year before he was supposed to because Grandpa Tom wanted him to be with Draco. Severus wasn't ready to let his little boy go so easy though. Join Harry as he navigates his first year in Hogwarts while dealing with an overprotective Dad who was hellbent on keeping Harry safe, even if Harry isn't too happy about it sometimes.

Peter woke up and all he knew was that nothing was the same as he remembered. Thanos was finally gone. To defeat him they had to change the world as they know it and when Peter wakes up in this strange new world he has to learn to adapt and fast, because his body won't let him live like he was before, as his very nature goes against him.

Peter Parker is just your average year-old. Then Thanos happened and he was dusted.

harry potter ageplay fanfic

When he came back everyone he loved was gone and he was homeless. For months he wandered the streets of Queens until one day he met his idol, Tony Stark! This set off the start of a new life for Peter that was the complete opposite of what he was used to! Hannibal suggests age play as a form of therapy for Will. Its extremely mild dubious consent only with age playhe likes to push Will whenever he can.

No archive warnings yet and rating may change in the future. Please do not copy or translate this work. A continuation to 'Little Patients', an amazing AU created by me and spiderbun.

The AU is the same, but there are two new co authors, Ali and Richie. Updates every Saturday.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! Harry strangely enough found himself staring at Louis' ass through his jeans, and something started to stir in his stomach. Louis swore as he dropped a brush on the floor, bending over to pick it up. Harry's eyes widened. Harry Potter was cursed by the evil Maleficent fairy who must not be namedand Severus Snape had thought Lily's sacrifice saved him from that fate There he finds a child surrounded by magic and the flock of sleeping owls turns out to be the least of his troubles.

Its junior year. Louis and Harry's relationship has grown, and the two are like clockwork. No matter how good a Dom Louis Tomlinson is, he can't read minds and he doesn't always get every hint. This story takes place in the after years of SASFB it might make more sense if you read that before this js. This is basically Harry and Louis discovering something more permanent in their relationship. Harry likes to be babied but doesn't know how to tell Louis who thinks he's just acting like a brat.

Draco notices someone set up the Room of Requirement wrong, upon entering he's met with the delicious sight of Harry Potter being fucked by a spelled Dildo. Draco can't resist, and his firm voice just screams 'Daddy' Everyone gets tested and classified at the age of seventeen, except Harry Potter.

When Severus Snape forces Harry to drink the potion the results are not as expected. A month after going on hiatus, Harry is starting to get stressed out and worried. Two months after, he's completely freaking out. When on tumblr late one night he discovers a thing called age play and tries it out on his own.

After that, he can't stop slipping into his headspace and needs Louis to take care of him. Too bad that he's too shy and embarrassed to tell him. The interviewer, clearly a Dom, eyed Harry suspiciously before he repeated his question again. Harry bit his lip before he spoke, trying to come up with an appropriate answer. He hesitated, deciding playing the question off like a joke would be best. Harry gulped.

SHERLOCK HOLMES FANFICTION 🔍 Sherlock x John #Johnlock

Or, the one where Louis punishes Harry to teach him that there are consequences for everything. Especially indifferent words directed to others. Harry is keeping a secret from the twins and they are not happy about it when they find out that he has been.

They basically take care of him and all their family knows and understands as he never had a good childhood. Draco Malfoy was not expecting to come home to a new baby brother.

Why was he not consulted about this and why wasn't Dad or Papa listening to him when he said he didn't need a little brother, that he was happy to be an only child? Harry had been handed the letter, and Harry had raced up to his room, tearing the envelope up. The first page that fell out was the page that everyone received along with their certificate.Preferably Baby Harry but I don't mind Thanks! I can't remember where I saw it; but there is a story out there with Tonks as a single mom, who Harry asks to be his 'mummy' google it, might turn it up.

Slave Pet Harry. Harry Potter, thought he had life good. He was wrong. One day it all changed. Preventative Measures. The Harry that came to Hogwarts isn't what anyone expected. A serious, angry young man, he has the adults close to him wondering if he's just the next coming of Voldemort. The New Charms Master Extraordinaire. Okay so I had to look in my archives to find more that are not off the top of my head, so here are some more. It's a livejournal, is that okay? Sorry I don't have more, but infantilism fics are hard to find.

They are so difficult. I'm having problems finding my favorite in this fandom. Severus is purposely devious and punishing. Found it! Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed.

Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Harry Potter Search In. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Guest Rachel.Author's Notes: I've been itching to write infantilism for quite a while, and finally, I decided to do it. What started as just an idea to write a fic turned into building an entire verse in my head that I didn't want to confine to just one fic, even if that fic amounted to several thousand words in the long run.

So, rather than poke at this for ages upon ages until I was satisfied that every single detail of every thing I wanted to explore was absolutely perfectI've made the decision to break the tale I saw in my head into several short fics and possibly more, as prompt tables or drabble comms inspire that all happen within a single universe.

This is the first of them, and the story that starts it all. Disclaimer: I do not own any part of Harry Potterand make no money from playing in their sandbox for the purposes of this fic. Break for lunch? They had started cleaning the house just after breakfast, and somehow, more than four hours later, had only finished the lower floors.

What were you thinking? Laughing, Neville shook his head as he dropped his arms. At least that way, we might finish all this a bit sooner.

harry potter ageplay fanfic

Neville took a few moments to survey the lower floors of Grimmauld Place again, ensuring that everything was as clean as they could make it. When he was satisfied with the job he and Harry had done, he made his way upstairs and paused briefly at the top of the stairs to consider the doors along the hall.

Their bedroom, at the end seemed like it would be the quickest one to clean. With the promise of good food on the way, Neville decided to start there, in hopes of knocking that room off their list entirely before he and Harry sat down to eat. Determined, he made his way into their room and began sorting through their bedside stands.

His first thought, when he found the thick magazine tucked away in Harry's bedside drawer, was that Hermione had left it behind by accident the last time she'd been over. That Harry would tuck it in his nightstand, rather than return it straight away, was still a little strange, but at first glance, it was the simplest explanation. But Hermione hadn't visited Grimmauld Place in over a month, and when Neville started to set it aside in the 'do not Vanish' pile, he glanced down at the front cover of the baby catalogue and spied the date of the issue.

Curious, Neville perched himself on the edge of the bed and laid the catalogue open beside him, flipping through its pages to find several of them had been dog-eared. Pausing at one of the pages, he noticed a few items had been circled, with notes in Harry's distinctive scrawl squeezed along the margins. Neville frowned as he looked closer at the things Harry had circled and noticed that they were all distinctly boys' things. With Teddy already much too old for anything in the catalogue, and Hermione and Ron expecting a girl, there was no reason that came to mind to explain why Harry seemed to have been picking out toys for a baby boy.

His eyes were wide and focussed on the open catalogue with an expression of fear. He was breathing rapidly, and didn't seem to notice Neville stand until he was beside him, laying a hand on Harry's shoulder. Harry's attention snapped to Neville, and the fear in his eyes was mixed with something else that Neville was unable to place. Instead, Harry's eyes flickered again towards the catalogue as he refused to meet Neville's gaze.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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harry potter ageplay fanfic

Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! This story takes place not long ago. A young witch had just graduated from Hogwarts and wanted to do something important. She didn't want to be in the Ministry, that was boring, but she did want to make a difference. She had a remarkable gift, though. She could make people smile.

Harry wishes people didn't forget he's the youngest of the band. The stress gets to him, and he seems to cry a lot more, and be clingy more often than not. It's weird, not because of what they do, but, because of the way that others think they're doing it wrong.

That's not true, they're both happy, and both mentally healthy for the most part. So, what the hell is wrong with them, for thinking they could dictate what other people do with their lives? You just got told!

By the narrator! Will not be finished!!!!!! Louis looks around the tattoo parlour as the bell rings, signalling that he just entered the shop. The twenty-seven year old man smiles at the familiar looks of the parlour, but when he sees a boy sitting on the desk his breath hitches. It's the stranger who ran into him a few days ago and he still looks gorgeous.

The guy looks so small in his oversized lavender sweater, and when he looks up to meet Louis' eyes, Louis swears he can feel his heart beating faster. His gorgeous eyes are piercing into Louis'. And my my, they have a beautiful green colour. Louis still remembers them as if it was just minutes ago that they bumped into each other. Louis is looking for a boyfriend, someone he can take care of, someone who likes his dominance.

Then, he bumps into stranger and can't help but be mesmerized by his incredible eyes. Is he the one Louis was looking for? Harry wakes up in the middle of the night and notices Louis isn't beside him. He can't fall back asleep, so Louis helps him. It's Easter and Harry is super excited! Louis gets him all dressed up like a bunny and have some Easter fun :. Ginny's favorite thing in the world? That her mom thought she was just so damn innocent that she let her room with Harry whenever the girl was over.

Harry doesn't understand why Daddy has to go on a trip right now, really, that's not okay, his baby can't go on that trip, it's really not nice. Please no. Louis had decided Little Psychologists needed a better, more efficient way to study why littles act the way they do in specific situations. He had a grand idea for how to carry out this study, and he couldn't wait to put it into action.

Or, where Louis, a psychologist, uses his knowledge and skills he learned at Cambridge University for his own benefit. Draco has a lovely little kitty called Harry.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation!

This is a collection of my contributions to this years Snapetober. The prompt list was created by tumblr user sxvxrxssnape. Each chapter is a standalone. Magnus' trip to London led to an unexpected fatherhood.

Sweetie, you'll be fine now. I've got you. Ah yes. The unoriginal story of Harry turning into a child and Draco left to take care of him. Let me first off just say the idea is not mine, nor do I own Harry Potter. If I did all this would be cannon. Imagine sixth year where Draco was not tasked to kill Dumbledore. Instead he had bigger issues.

Not only is that bad for Draco, but could be bad for Harry. Short Wolfstar fics based on daily prompts for the entire month of October!

Prompts provided by Tumblr user drawingdawnart. See end notes for a link to the prompt list! The shrieking shack incident was the last drop to fill the glass for Severus Snape. Unbeknownst to him, Remus Lupin discovered something that links them both together for the rest of their lives. Remus tries to get Severus to love him without going mad in the process Will he succeed?

Harry Potter unwanted by his relatives is abandoned in the woods several hours away from his Aunts home on Privet Drive in early November But he was not alone in those woods. Aleta Ogord, Ravager Captain, second only to the admiral of the fleet her estranged husband, loves exploring new planets.

Or new areas of old planets in search of something new. Terra surprises her more than most planets do. This time though she's gotten a little more than she thought was possible.

With Buckbeak as his companion, Sirius continues to escape. Since all he's able to remember is painful, he finds it hard to understand what Remus wants from him.This fiction will focus on the relationship between Snape and Harry, but there will be an actual plot aswell and hopefully twists and turns!

harry potter ageplay fanfic

Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Are you bored of stories like this? Are there things I definitely shouldn't stray into? There will be no Slash or Sex in this story. Harry will age gradually. It's really intended as a bit of light, hopefully humourous, entertainment so I'm not going to address the "Dursley" abuse angle which actually makes me very uncomfortable anyway.

Following the curse, and in a cloud of purple and pink sparks, the boy-who-lived disappeared from view. Even Draco, who had been the one to cast the spell, looked shocked.

All that was left of Harry Potter was a pile of Gryfinndor robes; a broomstick and wand laying abandoned by their side on the pitch. Some of the older Slytherin players stepped between the two boys.

Get out of my way Montague,' he said, shrugging aside the Slytherin captain, 'while I curse this little ferret till he's begging to tell us what he did to Harry. She was looking down at the place where Harry had been, trying to understand what had happened. She had never heard the curse Draco had used before. The argument had broken out originally over the use of the Quidditch pitch.

The Gryfinndors had had the pitch booked for a week but, as usual, Snape had overridden them to give his own players more practice. Things had escalated when the Slytherins had burst into yet another round of 'Weasley Is Our King' and Harry and Draco had squared up to one another.

Draco had been first to draw his wand and had cast the curse almost immediately with what even Hermione had to admit had been perfect intonation. There was a collective intake of breath as the group of Slytherins and Gryfinndors parted to reveal Severus Snape, his black cloak billowing out behind him as usual and his dark eyes flashing dangerously.

I have given the Slytherins permission to practice this afternoon. I don't recall asking for your advice on the matter. In fact you have no business being on the pitch in the first place - unless of course,' he added with a sneer, 'you are replacing Weasley as Gryfinndor keeper — which after his dismal performance the other day would not surprise me.

The Slytherins couldn't help but dissolve into hysterics at the vision of Hermione playing quidditch. Ron felt his ears grow red. He balled his fists at his sides wishing that he had the nerve to wipe the smirk of Snape's face with a curse of his own. Hermione opened her mouth to protest, but just at that moment a loud wail interrupted her. It seemed to be coming from the bundle of robes on the grass and the students drew back quickly, nervous about exactly what they might conceal.

His eyes searched the group of Gryfinndor students, 'and where is Potter? He must have transfigured him. It was not often that he got such a harsh look from his housemaster but when he did Draco knew it was best not to anger him further.

He knew that his father knew a lot of dark spells and when he had found the door to his office open he had copied a few down to impress the Slytherins with.

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