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Log In Sign Up. CPA Joseph Chacha. The Board has been charged among other things, the responsibility to promote, develop and regulate the accounting profession in the country. In fulfilling its role, NBAA has revised its national accountancy examination scheme and syllabi for students aspiring to sit for Accounting Technician and Professional Examinations. For effective implementation of these syllabi and improve examination results, the Board has prepared study materials for all subjects to assist both examination candidates and trainers in the course of learning and teaching respectively.

The study guides have been prepared in the form of text books with examples and questions to enable the user to have comprehensive understanding of the topics. The study guides cover the wide range of the topics in the syllabi and adequately cover the most comprehensive and complete knowledge base that is required by a leaner to pass the examinations.

These study guides for each subject from ATEC I to final Professional Level will ensure that learners understand all important concepts, know all the workload involved and provide practice they need to do before examinations. The guides have right amount of information with plain language -easy-to-understand, plenty of practice exercises and sample examination questions which are set in a competence based approach.

Competency based study guides have been developed aiming at developing a competent workforce. The guides emphasize on what the individual can do in a workplace after completing a period of training.

The training programme therefore is directly related to the expectations of the employer. These study guides which have been developed under competence based approach are characterized by the following features:- 1.

Focus on outcome — The outcomes shown in every topic are relevant to employment industry 2. Greater workplace relevance — the guides emphasize on the importance of applying knowledge to the tasks to be performed at a workplace.

This is different from traditional training where the concern has been expressed that theoretical or book knowledge is often emphasized at the expense of the ability to perform the job. Assessments as judgments of competence — The assessment will take into consideration the knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired and the actual performance of the competency.

Study guides are also useful to trainers specifically those who are teaching in the review classes preparing leaners to sit for the professional examinations. They will make use of these study guides together with their additional learning materials from other sources in ensuring that the learners are getting sufficient knowledge and skills not only to enable them pass examinations but make them competent enough to perform effectively in their respectively workplace.

NBAA believes that these standard study guides are about assisting candidates to acquire skills and knowledge so they are able to perform a task to a specified standards. The outcomes to be achieved are clearly stated so that learners know exactly what they have to be able to do, and on the other hand trainers know what training is to be provided and organizations as well know the skills level acquired by their expected accountants.

Pius A.Time allowed: 3 hours 15 minutes. The first 15 minutes of this examination have been designated for reading time. You may not start to write your answer during this time.

Attempt all the 20 multiple-choice questions in Section A. Each question carries 1 mark. Attempt the compulsory question in Section B carrying 30 marks. Attempt two of the three questions in Section C.

Attempt one of the two questions in Section D. Each question carries 10 marks. Each question carries. Write your answer to each question on a fresh page in your answer booklet. Please, read further instructions on the answer bookletbefore attempting any question. Financial Accounting — Paper 1. This section has one compulsory question to be attempted. Question 2.

Kefazo and Mario are partners sharing profits and losses equally. They do not maintain proper books of accounts but the following information was obtained from the available records as at 31 March:.

Balance at bank. Inventory of goods for sale. Trade debtors. Trade creditors. Motor vehicles book value. Total sales during the year ended 31 March amounted to Shswhile purchases, all on credit, for the same period were ShsThe analysis of the cash book for the year ended 31 March shows the following:. Cash from credit sales.

Additional capital by Kefazo. Cash sales. For purchases. Rent for 6 months to 30 September Rates for 6 months to 30 September Motor vehicle expenses.

cpa past papers

Sundry expenses. Drawings: -Kefazo. Page 2 of 8. On 31 March liabilities were as follows:.We sell high quality essays that will get you the grades you deserve at a low price.

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Recent works Model writers Digital, writers.

cpa past papers

Product writers Digital, writers. Tour and potrait Digital, writers.As a CPA Program candidate, you have access to an extensive range of resources to help you master your studies. Most of your study resources now feature as part of the guided learning experience. Watch this short video for an overview of this four-step process, and for tips on when and where to access your in-semester support:.

The webinar includes advice about your exam and tips to help you develop an effective study routine. Step one is to learn the material of each module. Your study guide will be available in My Online Learning before the commencement of the semester.

Step two is to practice. Work through the module quizzes and mid-semester practice test available in Guided Learning. For all compulsory subjects, you can also test yourself on-the-go using the Quitch app. Step three is to review and consolidate. You can also refer to the Ask the Expert forums to clarify any content that may be unclear. Practice makes perfect - we recommend you repeat this sequence for each module before moving to the next.

Skip to content Skip to primary navigation Skip to secondary navigation. We have detected that JavaScript is disabled on your browser. Features of this site require JavaScript to function. Please ensure JavaScript is enabled. Search Login Navigation. Connect with us. Privacy Terms Sitemap Contact us Help.You are ready to focus on the CPA Examination — its content, structure, format, and delivery.

Review this website www. The result is the international administration of the Uniform CPA Examination CPA Examwhich utilizes the state board licensure process and the current examination structure. The international locations have been evaluated based on a set of criteria, including: 1 Volume demand as demonstrated by candidates from those countries taking the exam in the United States, 2 Ability to deliver the Exam without legal obstacles, 3 Security threat to the Exam both physical security at test center and intellectual property security of Exam content assessed at levels equivalent to those presented domestically, and 4 Existence of established Prometric test centers.

cpa past papers

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What percentage of course you have finished well so far roughly? How many hours you study in a day? How many times you have revised the topics you have finished. Have you taken online or pen drive or live class from a renowned faculty? What percentage of the classes you have watched? Have you attempted mock tests or practice tests yet?

How many tests you have taken? Did you manage to finish the test papers on time? Yes, all the time. No, I am struggling. How is your health in general?

CPEA - Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment

I am fit. Generally OK. Keep falling ill often. How is your food habit? Healthy stuff only. Mostly healthy.Click on the subject title to download: Free Downloads. Combined collection of these FA past papers — Click to Download.

Preview study notes for Financial Accounting — free. Click here to for Revision kits samples. Combined collection of these CL past papers — Click to Download. Preview study notes for Business Law notes — free. Preview study notes for Entrepreneurship and Communication — free.

Combined collection of these MA past papers — Click to Download. Click here to for CPA Revision kits samples. Combined collection of these FM past papers — Click to Download. Combined collection of these FR past papers — Click to Download.

Preview study notes for Financial Reporting — free. Combined collection of these AA past papers — Click to Download. Combined collection of these QA past papers — Click to Download. Preview study notes for Advanced Financial Management — free.

Preview study notes for Advanced Public finance and taxation — Free. Preview study notes for Advanced Auditing and Assurance — Free. Preview study notes for Advanced Financial Reporting — Free.

Past Papers

Pilot papers are model examination papers set by the examining body…. Hello, I am requesting for the pass paper of business mathematics and statistics November and Please advice me of any near by center i register and sit for my papers. Kindly send ccp law governing credit practice and marketing and public relations notes and past papers on cksiele gmail. Hi do you have notes on Audit and Assurance sec 4. We have them.

Thanks somea for the good work. Please kindly send me Cpa past papers with answers for the company law, auditing and assurance,management information systems and qualitative analysis for may and November I did a number of units in the sections in my degree, can I apply for exemption? Which units are allowed for exemption?Certified Public Accountants are skilled and competent professional accountants, auditors, finance managers, tax consultants and practitioners both in public and private sectors.

Find CPA past papers and notes to help you as you prepare for your upcoming examinations. Skip to content. Certified Public Accountants CPA Certified Public Accountants are skilled and competent professional accountants, auditors, finance managers, tax consultants and practitioners both in public and private sectors.

Advanced financial management cpa kasneb kasneb notes. Advance public finance and taxation cpa kasneb kasneb notes. Advanced financial reporting cpa kasneb kasneb notes. When it comes to CPA advanced financial reporting, you need a serious revision partner that will guarantee good results. Most CPA students fail such ad This notes have been prepared with student's requirements in mind. We have included all the Management information systems topics and sub-topics while ATD cifa cpa financial accounting kasneb kasneb notes.

We have included all the Financial accoun This notes are prepared by qualified lecturers with many years experience in teaching and Examining Public finance and taxation in various universitie Financial accounting comprehensive revision questions and answers for students currently pursuing the following Kasneb courses: Certified Public Ac

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