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Our collective dream as a research group is to eliminate the barrier between people and technology how can we provide state-of-the-art technology to those who can benefit from it without them having to understand all the technical details? Today, the technology that we are focusing on is machine learning. Specifically, we are interested in a diverse range of topics in Systems for Machine Learning. How can machine learning enable new sciences and applications that make the world a better place?

How to build a learning system, over a collection of modern hardwares, that runs as efficient as possible? How to make machine learning as usable as possible, with maybe only a couple of clicks on the cloud?

ETH Zurich is one of the top universities in Europe and the world. We, as part of the Systems Group, are always looking for top candidates for postdoc researchers and PhD students.

ce zhang (czhang)

We have positions for top candidates in all ML and System related areas. Kara is reported in an MIT Tech. Review article. Nora and Jonathan develop the top-ranking system of SemEval Task 7. On common source to collect many labels is known to be crowdsourcing platfo. Neurological and psychiatric disorders are among the most common and debilitating illnesses across the lifespan. Thesis description: tablerextraction. The use of nanopore for the sequencing of biopolymers, such as DNA, have the potential to revolutionize the field of molecular biology.

We all know: Germans write parken, the Swiss use parkieren. Could we extract the differences in lexis, morphosyntax and syntax systematically. Antibiotic resistance represents one of the major threats to human health. The adaptation of pathogen requires a constant effort to find.ZuCo 2.

LREC ICDE AAAI Full Preservation. Fitzsimons: Causal Limit on Quantum Communication. Quantum Machine Intelligence 1, 4. IBM Q Best paper award. Zhikuan Zhao, Jack K. Fitzsimons, Michael A. Osborne, Stephen J. Roberts, and Joseph F. Fitzsimons: Quantum algorithms for training Gaussian processes, Phys. A Fitzsimons, and Joseph F. Fitzsimons: Quantum-assisted Gaussian process regression, Phys. A 99, Speeding up Percolator.

Journal of Proteome Research CoNLL Spanos, Dawn Song. VLDB VLDB Demo Distributed Learning over Unreliable Networks. ICML SysML Is advance knowledge of flow sizes a plausible assumption? NSDI Nora Hollenstein and Ce Zhang.Non-essential elective surgeries are postponed. No walk-in patients for imaging services. Many of our doctors offer video visits, so you can see a doctor from your mobile device instead of an in-person appointment. Log into the NYU Langone Health app to schedule a video visit with a member of your care team, or select the video visit option when you schedule with a new doctor.

Learn more about video visits.

ce zhang (czhang)

You will receive an email with your appointment confirmation and instructions for how you can create a NYU Langone Health MyChart account. You can schedule appointments, view test results, communicate with your doctor, and more using our patient portal, NYU Langone Health MyChart.

ce zhang (czhang)

If you have an account but can't login, we can help you find your username or reset your password. World neurosurgery. Journal of emergency medicine.

We can help you find a doctor. Call or browse our specialists. Skip to main content. Conditions stroke aortic dissection thrombosis brain bleeding transient ischemic attack carotid stenosis. View All Conditions and Treatments. Departments Neurology. Is this your profile? Edit profile. Insurance Plans Accepted This provider accepts the following insurance plans. Before your appointment, please confirm with your insurance company that this provider accepts your insurance.

Locations and Appointments Schedule a Video Visit with Your Doctor Many of our doctors offer video visits, so you can see a doctor from your mobile device instead of an in-person appointment. Phone View Map. I'm new to this doctor and want a video visit.It is not known when Zhang Ce was born. His family was originally from Dunhuang. At one point, Zhang Ce lived with his family at a mansion in Luoyang.

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The 10th month of that year, Emperor Wen accepted Han Dynasty 's offer of the throne, and at that point he declared the era name Huangchu. Therefore, there was no second month in the first year of Huangchu. How wrong this text was!

Zhang Tong was surprised by his son's assertion, and checked with the records of the Cao Wei portion of the Records of the Three Kingdomswhich verified what Zhang Ce stated. The entire clan was amazed at Zhang Ce's knowledge. Late in the Guangming era of Emperor Xizong of Tangthe Chang'an region came under attack by the major agrarian rebel Huang Chao. Hearing of the attack, Zhang Ce returned to civilian status so that he could take his parents to flee the disaster, and was much praised by the gentry who heard of this action.

His father died soon thereafter, and he observed a period of mourning. Even after the period of mourning was over, however, for over a decade he did not seek an official appointment, but rather effectively became a hermit in the wilderness. However, soon thereafter, Zhang's mother died, so he left governmental service to observe a period of mourning for her. In lateZhang Ce sought retirement due to illness. He spent the rest of his years on his garden planting trees, and enjoying books, music, and wine.

He died in the fall of He left a collection of his works — three volumes of his policy arguments in front of the emperor, 20 volumes of poetry and songs he wrote, and 30 volumes of his communiques.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See Zizhi Tongjianvol. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.The author of Zhan Guo Ce has not yet been verified: it is generally deemed, after Zhang Xincheng, that the book was not written by a single author at one time.

It is thought to have been composed by Su Qin and his peers before being obtained by Liu Xiang. The earliest to assert the texts were apocryphal scriptures was perhaps the compiler of the Annotated Catalogue of the Siku Quanshubut he provided no warrant for it. Although this argument had been seconded by Jin Dejian and Zu Zhugengbut by it was refuted by Zhang Xincheng.

The six versions of written works from the School of Diplomacy were discovered by Liu Xiang during his editing and proofreading of the imperial literary collection. Those works of political views and diplomatic strategies from the School of Diplomacy were in poor condition, with confusing contents and missing words.

Liu Xiang proofread and edited them into the new book under the title Zhan Guo Ce ; it was therefore not written by a single author at one time. Significant contents of Zhan Guo Ce were lost in subsequent centuries.

Zeng Gong of the Northern Song Dynasty reclaimed some lost chapters, proofread and edited the modern version. The book contained 27 chapters, 11 of which were found to be similar to the contents in Zhan Guo Ce and the Records of the Grand Historian. The texts were written in between the style of Seal script and Clerical script. The chapters take the form of anecdotes meant to illustrate various strategies and tricks employed by the Warring States.

With the focus thus being more on providing general political insights than on presenting the whole history of the period, there is no stringent year-by-year dating such as that found in the preceding Spring and Autumn Annals.

Stories are sorted chronologically by under which ruler they take place, but within the reign of a single king there is no way to tell if the time elapsed between two anecdotes is a day or a year. The book comprises approximatelywords, and is divided into 33 chapters and sections. The twelve dynasties the strategies pertain to are:. The intellectual aspects have been disputed due to its stress on fame and profit and its conflicts with Confucian ideology.

The book appears to overemphasize the historical contributions from the School of Diplomacy, devaluing the book's historical importance.

The book does not emphasize the historical facts or fiction, but appears to be an extensive collection of anecdotes with little bearing to the chronological order of chapter and narration. Since the 12th century, it has been widely debated whether the book should be considered a historical documentation from writer Chao Gongwu and Gao Sisun, and there have been attempts to categorize the book into a different genus.

This lasted until where scholars like Zhong Fengnian demonstrated that the book was written as a handbook of diction from the School of Diplomacy, and not intended to be a compilation of historical facts.

Bonsall translation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Zhan Guo Ce in Chinese. This audio file was created from a revision of the article " Zhan Guo Ce " datedand does not reflect subsequent edits to the article. Audio help.Read about them here. Several readers have offered other options.

Check out my May 7, 2010 post and especially the comments for plastic-free sunscreen alternatives. Check out these new plastic-free, organic hair elastics. This way, I can avoid all the disposable cups, plates, and cutlery in the lunchroom. Those containers contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals. My Waring Pro is all glass and metal and works just fine. It was a fun experiment. When we run out of jars, we store leftovers in bowls with saucers on top instead of plastic wrap.

Bowls with saucers are great for stacking. We also use Anchor glass refrigerator containers to store daily portions of our homemade cat food.

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More on that below. The key to freezing foods in glass is not to fill the jar too full, since the food will expand inside the container. The other caveat is not to heat the glass too quickly. Let foods thaw at room temperature to avoid glass breakage. Another option for the refrigerator or freezer are the caldero oggun airtight stainless steel containers from Life Without Plastic.

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Outdoor cats are susceptible because they pick it up from rodents.We just gave them our dates of arrival and departure and everything else was handled for us. This allowed us to focus on sight-seeing rather than worrying about routes or accommodations. You can only see so much in a week though, so I guess we'll have to come back to this amazing destination. Although we have travelled a fair bit in various parts of the world, never have we had a vacation where, each night we sat down and listed off all of the things we'd never seen before-glaciers, geysers, volcanoes-hot springs- each day was filled with marvellous sights.

We loved our entire package with Nordic Visitor and our tour guide was fantastic. We enjoyed the small group atmosphere very much (there were 6 of us). We saw several tour groups of many, many more and would not be interested in a larger group, so the Nordic Visitor tour suited us perfectly.

The highlighted map was really useful for planning the tour, and all the small written suggestions were the little bits that made the holiday special. Overall, the standard of service provided through Nordic Visitor was of a high standard and we as a group have no complaints or criticisms. We found the flexibility of a self-drive tour to be just what we required and with the time we has (15 days) we were able to see most of the accessible parts of the country that we sought.

Clearly, in May, there are considerable limitations on experiencing the highlands area, but we understood that well before the trip. However, we were able to obtain some experience there on some tracks that were partly accessible (e. Kjolur) as well as going on a flight from Myvatn. Hotels were always well located (most important), clean, excellent service and most with excellent views.

Sofia was always very responsive and knowledgable. Using Nordic Visitor to arrange for hotels and transportation saved me a lot of time. And having them available in an emergency, made me feel like I had a trusted traveling companion. I couldn't have been happier with my trip to Iceland. Everything was easy and taken care of.

No hassle getting picked up late. All of my guides were friendly and informative. I can't wait to book another trip through Nordic Visitor.

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