Bafang c961 advanced settings

Quick links. Bafang C how to access advanced settings Discussions related to motors other than hub motors. Wheel size, PAS levels, and speed limit are set in the menu after the password prompt. Manual for C attached in posts below. I've been lurking and reading a ton on this site, and jumped in recently. I got a Bafang BBS02 from em3ev. It arrived this week, and i have been putting it together. I can power on, change PAS from 0 to 3.

I have looked at various C manuals from paul and lectric cycles, etc but those don't match up with how my unit works.

I dont have up or down buttons, and I cant access the parameters menu by double press of Power. I also looked at c manuals, and had a bit more luck. Those are the three things I am after. I entered "" as mentioned in the manuals. I also tried some other dummy ones like,etc. No luck getting past this prompt. I have a feeling the settings I want are all hidden behind this wall. Does anyone have any tips or ideas how I can change the speed, wheel, and PAS settings?

Is there a way to 'reset' the password? I will also send to Paul, but I probably wont hear back from him until after the weekend. I'll post my progress here if I make any. Last edited by chazRevo on Nov 13 pm, edited 2 times in total. Not sure what this does. Backlight brightness mph or kph.

Speed unit selection OFF 1 to 9. Time to display auto off POd 1 or 0. Show current power in Watts nnA 1 or 0.

bafang c961 advanced settings

Something to do with retaining information. Password prompt. I have triedand other combos, always dumps me back to the main screen. Let us know what you find out. He does advertise the c display with his kits, he should of informed his customers of the change and supplied the password. The remote doesn't look as sturdy or waterproof either. I do like the watt meter feature but if they go that far why not log the wh'r as well. Custom Strong build Kona Mid Drive. It has the directions on how to get into advanced settings.

This was my first foree into ebikes.Quick links. Thank you very much in advance for the answer. What are the markings on the motor, which might give a clue as to which version you have? You will most likely have to change the battery for a 48v and maybe the controller too if you want more speed. I imagine that you have the rpm motor.

Bafang C965 display advanced settings

If you want to go faster you will have to go with a 48v or 52v. If you change your pack you will most likely have to change the controller too. You can tell if your motor has maxed out or whether it's speed limited by a simple test. Unlimited, its maximum speed depends on the battery voltage, so charge up your battery and spin the wheel to maximum. That might be difficult with a torque sensor, though, unless you have a separate throttle. Note the speed.

Run your bike until the battery is nearly empty, and repeat the test. If it's significantly slower, it's maxed out without a limit. After the test you proposed me, I have to say that at this point my motor is limited. An other information: do you know where can I find some software to program my controller Bafang specific for the hub motor?

Let us know if it works:. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.One way that the BBS02 middrive unit shines over other competition like the Bosch is the ability to program the controller yourself. Although the process of programming the controller will void any warranty that you got with the unit, to many people the risk of voiding their warranty is outweighed by the possibility of getting more performance or having the PAS settings more to their liking.

There are 3 settings that most reputable resellers of the BBS02 will set for you. Many US vendors will be resistant to remove the 20mph speed limit as that may make them liable for any accident you are in with their motor. The BBS02 at Watts is really only powerful enough for about 25mph or so on level ground, although with a 52T chainring on a downhill stretch I have reached 40mph.

C961 Display Advanced Settings

There are 3 different displays which all have different settings on them and ways to set different variables like wheel diameter, speed limit and PAS levels.

For instruction manuals for all three display types look here. You can also adjust the C PAS levels up to 9. A smaller chainring is critical for singletrack riding controller conservation.

Bafang C961 Manual

The biggest problem with the BBS02 is when it is turning under too much load at too low of a speed. The best way to keep the motor spinning fast is to get a smaller chain-ring and to make sure you are in the right gear for any hills you want to climb. The surest way to blow your controller is to use full throttle in too high of a gear on a hill where the pedals are turning too slowly. If you use a large chain-ring on your commuter mine is a 52T because I like to go fast make sure you shift down into a lower gear before coming to a stop even on level ground so you are not repeatedly trying to start moving in too low of a gear.

Your pedaling cadence should always feel normal to fast, especially on hills. Another strong recommendation for not frying your controller is to install a temperature probe. More info on those three items can be found in this article. There are 3 pages of programming variables. Sometimes the serial connection is unreliable and a variable will have a totally wrong setting or garbage in it. I suggest clicking the READ button twice before you start changing the settings to make sure it read the controller settings correctly.

I would click the READ button again on each page after waiting a few seconds to make sure that the settings you changed were actually written to the controller firmware when you clicked WRITE. The color of the variables are what defaults from various drive units as well as the. You must save the file to your drive then rename it from. You do not need to lower the amps on the BBSHD, it can do 30 amps all day long without breaking a sweat.

Most likely your battery will have a BMS that will shut off power when it gets too low. Kepler notes. Be aware that just because it is set lower, does not mean that it will not draw more amps for brief periods. Matt from Empowered Cycles has this to say:. You still get amazing performance, prolonged controller life, more charge cycles from your pack, more range on your rides. Even at 18 amps the watt motor keeps up with an 8T geared MAC hub motor that is pulling watts. You do not need 25 amps for this motor to perform.

I then rely on the Limit Current Assist level to fine tune the max power best suited to bike. You must set limit speed to 1 as well as well as setting the Designated Assist to 9 on the throttle page. Speed limiting is done based on motor RPMs not road speed. A quick note on power levels. If your display is set to only use 3 power levels then the controller uses settings for Asst1, Asst5 and Asst9 and ignores all the rest. On the C display I have still not figured out how to set the display to 9 power levels, so you may be stuck with only 5 PAS power levels with that unit.Also See for C Manual - 17 pages.

Page of 17 Go. Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. UART Manual 16 pages. Available colors: Black, White. Call for service if the C display is not working Installation Install the display and button control on the handlebar and adjust its location. Plug it into the controller with power off. Page 7: Walking Assist Please do not use this function when riding. If a front light is configured as well, this will switch it on as well if front light available.

Page 8: Battery Capacity Power Level The display is integrated with the controller to provide several levels of power. The Default range is 0 - 3, where 0 means no output, and 3 means maximum output. The default switch-on is level 1.

Battery Capacity Four sections highlights when battery is full. Page 9: Error Codes Error codes When something goes wrong with system, an error code will flash on the display. Check details on attached list. The motor will stop working in the event of an error. Only when the error is gone, will the motor work again. Page Preparation Display Settings Preparation Makes sure the connections are good, then power on.

The settings go into effect after restart. Range from 8 to 32 inch. Display will sleep and cut off power after no operation on system for the selected time. Page Warranty Please call your service technician if the user cannot remove the error.

Page 15 24 months thereafter. Errors may occur if used with other protocols. Comments to this Manuals Your Name:. Enter text from picture:. Latest comments:. Print page 1 Print document 17 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign in OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password.Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Log in. New posts Trending Search forums. What's new. New media New comments Search media.

Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. C Display Advanced Settings. Thread starter culy30 Start date Feb 4, Feb 4, 46 13 Hereford.

When I first installed the kit I set the max speed to 50kph, c wheel size and the power settings to 4. Today I decided to change the power level setting via the advanced settings to 9 levels. But it doesn't save, I'm still on dh4. I've gone back in several times, and it wont save any advanced settings, wheel size, sleep timer or power levels.

Any ideas? I must be doing something wrong. I didn't have any trouble 12 months ago. I've disconnected and reconnected the battery to no avail. Kinninvie Esteemed Pedelecer. Oct 5, Teesdale,England. Heres a video for you. Thanks Kinninvie, I got it sorted now.Login or Sign Up. Help: Bafang C Display only shows full battery charge. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:.

Previous template Next. The display always shows full battery charge. Has done this from day one. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Tags: None. You may be able to reset it by taking apart and removing the button battery.

Comment Post Cancel. Possibly a stupid question as I am not familiar with this display, but is there a menu in the display possibly under advanced options to specify the battery voltage and maybe capacity? If that is set too low the display will always show full battery. BER commented.

bafang c961 advanced settings

Thanks for troubleshooting here. I have not seen any sort of battery voltage option in advanced settings or in the manual. The setting may not exist. There is no such setting so maybe it's automatic. Either way it's defective and should be replaced. Here is how Luna Cycles responded when asked about the issue. These are just DIY kits and Bafang usually leaves that sort of programming up to the individual seller.

Basically, when I see that, I know it is time to charge soon. Instead, I rely on the voltage display function. I forgot, but I think some of the black and white displays can't show voltage, so no help there. Lately, I keep mine in Wat mode, showing me the instant power consumption. I know my battery has about 1kWh, I know my approximate average speed, and how long my trip will be, so I can estimate how much assist I can count on. Works pretty good for estimation. Of course, an Ah counter and actual SoC meter would be better than my guestimate, but the approximate mental math works well for me.

Found this on the blog site DPC All rights reserved. Yes No. OK Cancel.Kudos to you! If you don't, then grab a pen to take some notes, or save yourself the time and print this out! Once the menu changes you'll see the following:. Walk assist?

Be extra careful when using this feature! When you're in the regular display mode, you can toggle through trip distance and total distance by pressing the power button once.

bafang c961 advanced settings

If you wish to reset the Trip distance simply hold the power button and the "-" until it resets to 0. Close menu. All Models. Electric Beach Cruisers. Electric Mountain Bikes.

bafang c961 advanced settings

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