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Login to Your Account. Remember Me? Results 1 to 3 of 3. Thread: Stroker. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date Aug Posts 1. When I get on it or do a burnout, the truck will die shortly after. Leave it sit a few hours and it fires right up. Closed Loop, been Learning just fine. Not sure where to even begin. Any suggestions greatly appreciated and sorry if I sound like an idiot, just trying to learn.

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Join Date Mar Posts 1, One great thing about the Sniper is that it has a built-in datalogger recorder. Just push the record button next time you go for a drive, and when you are finished you can play it back and see what happened. Pop the SD card into your computer and you can look at the whole drive. That's the quickest way to debug the problem. I use Dropbox.

Originally Posted by Danny Cabral It's helpful to record a short datalog of an occurrence, Overlay it onto your Config File, and manually tune the lean or rich problem area. Look at where the live cursor moves to during this occurrence, and manually tune enrich or lean that area of the Base Fuel Table. Overlay the datalog onto your Config File. Scroll through the datalog to the problem area. I find the most helpful datalog function, is overlaying the datalog on your Config File.

I'm in the habit of using the datalog Overlay feature every time I review a datalog. You can literally "playback" a recorded event, and watch it as it happened on any screen. Minimize shrink the datalog window, and move it to the bottom of any Config File screen.Now I need a trans Now I need a trans:- The time now is Fri Apr 10, am.

I just took my conversion van to have the exhaust connected so I can drive it around until I get the proper exhaust system installed and had a problem.

383 stroker forum

I got the van to the shop and they tried to pull it on to their lift alignment rack style but it wouldn't go. I knew it had some sloppy shifts when I drove it up there but I thought it was the computer needing to relearn. So now I need a 4l60E trans!!! I was looking at the monster trans. Anyone have any other recommendations? I would like a trans that is beefed up enough to handle pulling a boat if needed or just to pull that heavy ass van around on it's own.

Sounds like time for a 4L80E. What's involved? I keep hearing it is an upgrade but I don't know what it takes to do the conversion? It will require a reprogram of the computer to properly control it. You will need a front speed sensor added to the computer. There is a kit available for it. You will need a shortened driveshaft and a modified trans crossmember. Depending on your frame, you may be able to just slide the trans crossmember back on the frame and drill new holes.

You will need to extend the trans cooling lines. If the van came in a configuration with a 4L80E from the factory, you may be able to get new cooling lines from the dealer and if so this is the way to go. You may need a new flexplate as the 4L80E torque converter pattern is larger in diameter than the 4L60E flexplate. You will need the correct torque converter. Mine came from Finish Line Transmissions, and the build quality was excellent.

I also had them add a TCI low gearset, changing first from 2. The acceleration from a dead stop is almost as strong as the 4L60E was. Well, a brand spanking new 4L60E on its virgin run that is, before a strong engine busts its cherry all over the underside of the van. With the 4L60E and a stock engine the trans always feels a little off, like it's kinda spongy, but a 4L80E feels like strong and reliable like a direct gear drive would even behind an engine with a little juice.

If the vans came with the 80E combo It's not that difficult a swap. Speeder wrote: It will require a reprogram of the computer to properly control it. Sounds like a good deal of work! I am not sure the wife will go for the added cost of doing the swap. I would heavily consider it down the road but I just dropped a crap load of money doing the stroker engine and I need to get this going quickly.

I don't really need fast as much as I would like strong!!Discussion in ' High Performance Modifications ' started by ffshuFeb 28, Feb 28, 1.

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Messages: 15, Likes Received: Before we do anything else Feb 28, 3. Messages: 2, Likes Received: 9. Yeah we need a budget before we can really recommend anything. Here is what I would do if I were only looking to make to This should get you in the mid to upper 's on pump gas. VERY good heads for the money. Just some light port work is all it takes to make them outperform AFR eliminator heads.

Im not saying they need any port work because they dont but everybody likes to compare heads to the AFR eliminators and these profilers are right there with the AFR's and outperform them with some port work.

Last edited: Feb 28, Feb 28, 4. Well a man taught me a long time ago that, "speed is money, how fast do you wanna go? The heads are usually the most expensive, and I figured that would set me back around bucks. Machine work and all the other parts add up, that's why I'm trying to find a good combination that's proven on the power and start gathering pieces and parts now so when I finish the body and interior, I won't have to try and shell out a bunch of money at one time so I can ride.

So to answer your question on budget, I don't want to go crazy but I would like to think that I can do this for around 4k. I already have a block but I haven't had it checked yet, so I don't know if it's any good. Thanks for any input, I like hearing what other people have done and learn from their success or their failures.

Feb 28, 5. You could probably do it less than that with cast stuff. You'll love a stroker on the street, SO much more fun than a Snappy as all hell. Feb 29, 6. Messages: 2, Likes Received: 1. I run hyperutectics in my street motors. I don't plan forced induction or nitrous. They don't rattle either. Then get as much head as you can afford. Something in about cc. I sounds lovely. I haven't driven it yet though.

Feb 29, 7. Plan on having your machinist do an internal balance job. Edelbrock E-Tec Heads. These things are beasts.Login or Sign Up.

383 with Stroker kit**PRO'S and CON'S

Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? ONE RULE Consider this your neighborhood bar,corner soap box, fish house, marina, coffee shop or anywhere else you go to hang out with friends and talk anything you want. Only thing, personal attacks will not be tolerated. No name calling or belittling. Be civil at all times and have fun. If a topic offends you, don't read any further. What Carb for a Stoker. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1.

Filtered by:. Previous template Next. What Carb for a StokerPM. So now to figure out what carb should i go with a Holley or Edelbrock and what model Obviously a marine Carb. Tags: None. Quik Fix. I'm sure there is an Edelbrock Marine brother to the Carbs are the same except for a few different tubes. Comment Post Cancel. Edelbrock is what im going to buy for mine. I had a on a in a 20 open and liked it. Keep in mind it prefers a fairly low fuel pressure, so you may have to regulate it.

Stay with a CFM. Anything bigger is over kill IMHO. Originally posted by S0uthernrebel78 View Post. We bought a new carburetor for a ChevyHolley that's in our 47 Jeep Willys. My SO stole it, put it on his Mustang engine, killed it. I rebuilt it, put it back on the Jeep.Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? ONE RULE Consider this your neighborhood bar,corner soap box, fish house, marina, coffee shop or anywhere else you go to hang out with friends and talk anything you want.

Only thing, personal attacks will not be tolerated. No name calling or belittling. Be civil at all times and have fun. If a topic offends you, don't read any further. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 3. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 template Next. Quik Fix. Complete from crank mounted pump to the VD flange.

Shaft flange is there also. Top mounted starter and exhaust manifolds and risers. Front engine mounts included. That would be a VD. Had 40 hours on it when it was removed and a new intake manifold and all new rings and bearings were installed.

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Is that the installed price??? Comment Post Cancel. Bring me a clean boat and a helping hand and we will be done in 1 hour. Hook up some hoses, 8 lag bolts, 4 flange bolts and plug in the harness, done.

Oh man this is beyond tempting Fisherlady2 commented. Please buy it before Chris decides it is on his 'wanted' list!!

Originally posted by jkraft View Post. Is the motor a running take out or rebuilt? We have the console to rewire and tanks out for replacement. Yhe boat has a rebuild with 30 or so hours but It would be the perfect time to go with the Good of luck with the sale.

It was a total rebuild. I put it in my 26 and at 40 hours the crossover under the aluminum intake manifold fell off. Thought I blew the engine and took it out and brought it to the engine shop.Login or Sign Up. Previous 1 2 3 template Next. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 3. Filtered by:. Tags: None. Re: stroker June 20th,PM.

Re: stroker You have to clearance the pan rails and in some instances, use an oil pan specific for the added stroke.

383 stroker forum

It's relatively easy to do with a die grinder once you set the crank in the block to show where the extra clearance is needed. Just don't get to aggressive, you might strike water. Whiskey for my men Comment Post Cancel. Re: stroker that kit is a CAST crank that used 5. I'd at least upgrade to hypers if not forgings if happy gas is in your future, move to the forged pistons.

I'd rethink this. Re: stroker a with 6 in rods rocks. Scott Liggett. Re: stroker I had it done on my block at a machine shop. It didn't cost that much. Still using the stock pan. Use the ARP bolts for stroker motors and there will be less grinding.Thread Tools.

We ran 2 of these motor last year. View Public Profile. Send a private message to nightbird. Find More Posts by nightbird. Send a private message to ccperfp. Find More Posts by ccperfp. If you are "burning" pistons you might check your jetting too. JMO TS Send a private message to TS Find More Posts by TS Good luck Andy. Send a private message to andybyrd. Find More Posts by andybyrd. Most small blocks I have built run btdc if not using a fixed distributor, need to take the engine to rpm to set total ignition timing.

Static compression? Send a private message to altune. Find More Posts by altune. I've built several sbc or bigger and depending on heads cam and compression degrees is the norm.

383 stroker forum

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