2019 yamaha zuma 50f top speed

The Yamaha Zuma 50F is a compact scooter that has all it needs to deal effortless with the requirements of city traffic. The scooter is powered by an efficient liquid cooled, 4-stroke SOHC, 3 valve engine with a displacement of 49 cc. The engine is fueled by a 1. You also get a roomy under-seat trunk which is large enough to hold an XL full-face helmet, a comrotabel seat, turn signals equipped with clear lenses and a twin headlight design. Boasting a bold and aggressive design, the Zuma 50F scooter offers a peppy 4-stroke engine that gets MPG so you can check nat type having fun for as long as you want.

The front brake caliper is accented with red paint for a high-tech look. The 50F retains a dual headlight configuration and the 50FX comes with a more streamlined single headlight. Both are powered by the same 49cc mill found in the Vino Classic and both are full twist-and-go automatics. Seat height is higher than the Vino, at Both models feature push button electric starting and a fully automatic V-belt transmission for easy, twist-the-throttle-and-go operation.

Motorcycles Reviews Yamaha Scooters Liquid-cooled 4-stroke SOHC, 3-valve. Read More. What do you think? Motorcycle Finder:. Related Manufacturers. Active filters:. About US. Contact Us. Automotive journalist job.Picture credits - Yamaha. Submit more pictures. Pictures, trademarks and logos of third parties are the exclusive property of the respective owners.

2019 yamaha zuma 50f top speed

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Click here to rate it. We miss 2 votes to show the rating. Displacement :. Compression :. Bore x stroke :. Front suspension :. Rear suspension :. Wheelbase :. Under-seat trunk is large enough to hold an XL full-face helmet. Rear rack.

2019 yamaha zuma 50f top speed

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Yamaha Zuma 50F Before and After Polini Big Bore Kit + Performance Parts

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2019 Yamaha Zuma 50F Guide

Engine Type. Bore x Stroke. Compression Ratio. Fuel Delivery. Fuel Injection. Automatic CVT. Final Drive. Telescopic fork; 2. Single shock; 2. Hydraulic disc. Seat Height.

Rake Caster Angle. Maximum Ground Clearance. Fuel Capacity.The scooter also has an open and spacious ride for two along with lots of locking storage underneath. The engine has an electronic fuel injection that provides smooth, seamless power and is mated to a fully automatic V-belt transmission that gives easy, twist-the-throttle-and-go operation.

It also comes with pushbutton electric starting that gives the ultimate ease of operation scooters like this are known for. It may not have the power, but it sure manages its fuel well. As for the top speed? The front brake caliper is accented with red paint for a high-tech look. It will be available in dealerships nationwide beginning in September. It does not include the weight of options or accessories.

Wet weight is useful in making real-world comparisons with other models. The alpine white color is really suited for women. Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Back to Model. Read More: Yamaha T-Max ? What do you think? Motorcycle Finder:. Yamaha Zuma. Competing Vehicles. Active filters:.

Contact Us. Automotive journalist job.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Zuma 50F and 50FX or the third generation of this family have been released since approximatelyand continues the YW50 model code. This is probably the generation that has made the biggest splash since its initial release. This is the generation of the 4-strokes and fuel injection systems.

For many, this was a major upset, but for you, if you're planning to pick one up, or recently did pick one up, you probably saw the benefits that come from having a simple 4-stroke engine and avoid the problems and hassles that do come with 2-strokes. The other benefit that comes with this generation is the updated style that sports aggressive sharp lines for a race inspired look. Read more. Although the significant change for this generation as led to the loss of the mod benefits it had prior, it does catch up with the times and the norms of 4-stroke.

But it also picks up the mod benefits of 4-strokes from the parts being produced and its availability. Although the Zuma 50F may not need significant modding, we have something for every kind of enthusiast. To keep up with its race inspired style, go for some low-profile mirrors and lights, stiffen up or soften the rear suspension with an adjustable rear shock.

For every ride and rider combination, the customization options are endless and we've got just what you need for that.

Call Us You have no items in your shopping cart. Vehicle Models. Yamaha Zuma 50F Page: 1 2 3 4 5 Next. Read more Although the significant change for this generation as led to the loss of the mod benefits it had prior, it does catch up with the times and the norms of 4-stroke.

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2019 yamaha zuma 50f top speed

New Sale. Page: 1 2 3 4 5 Next. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Follow Us. All Rights Reserved. Merchant Services.The Rattler carries itself with a youthful exuberance that clearly targets the entry-level market, and this newest iteration boasts a handful of improvements over the previous generation. The designers were going for a naked - scooter look with this one, and it seems they did a good job of it with a cut-down front fender that provides minimal effective coverage and wastes not an ounce on superfluous material.

A narrow front fairing houses new larger dual headlights above a stylish lip that flows out and down to form a sportbike -like scoop; the leading edge of one anyway.

A pair of vent grilles ride outboard of the lights to lend the visage even more sportiness, and that plays well with the bellowed gaiters that protect the swept area of the updated forks and the race-tastic red front caliper.

A naked handlebar area leaves the top of the control column nice and open, if not actually clean-looking because of the cables and such, and a small LCD display bundles all the instrumentation together in one neat little package, much like the LED winkers that are integrated with the mirrors. In profile, the legguard is almost as thin as the old-school scooters as it tumbles down nearly vertical to the wide-open step-through. The Rattler depends on a proper underframe for its structure rather than relying on a stressed-skin or monocoque assembly to keep everything nice and rigid.

A pair of inch blackout rims round out the rolling chassis. A swing-mount drive unit fuses engine and transmission together as a stressed unit that replaces the swingarm, per longstanding scooter standards.

Power comes from a two-stroke, It is efficient though, with a claimed mileage rating of over mpg, though individual results may vary, especially if you like to treat every stop as an opportunity for a holeshot. Power flows through a continuously-variable transmission that delivers twist-and-go operation via a pair of self-adjusting pulleys that eliminate the need for a hand clutch or even a shifter.

Color choices are rather narrow, however, with red and black as the only choices. Yamaha is my Huckleberry though. The Zuma 50 FX looks to be a pretty good match with its sporty front end and similar overall panache. Yamaha runs with a cyclops headlight rather than dual beams, and it adds a flyscreen that veers the look away from the naked bent the Rattler presents to the world.

Vanilla suspension and disc-and-drum brakes are constants across the board, but Yamaha steps up in the engine design with a 49 cc four-stroke and a claimed plus mpg rating that comes governed down to 30 mph just like the Rattler. Think of the Rattler as the sporty version and the Roughhouse as the more adventuresome of the two. That is seen clearly in the choice of tires where the Roughhouse comes equipped with more knobby-looking tires.

I like the rugged look better than the classic or vintage scooter styling. All images featured on this website are copyrighted to their respective rightful owners. No infringement is intended. Image Source: genuinescooters. Genuine Scooter Company. The designers were going for a naked-scooter look with this one, and it seems they did a good job.The sections below discuss each of these generations.

With a sporty look and fat tires, the first generation Zuma made it cool to be a scooter rider. It quickly became very popular due to its aggressive styling and 2-stroke motor with substantial performance potential. The CW50 was first launched in the USA and Canada for but this initial offering lasted just two years before taking a hiatus.

Yamaha pulled the CW50 from North America after because of supply shortages caused by its huge popularity in Europe. Finally in the CW50 returned to Canada. Moreso than any other modern scooter in North America, the CW50 kicked off the aftermarket performance scene. The scooter used a vertical Minarelli motor, for which aftermarket parts were widely available globally and thus a new era of scooter culture was born with countless scooterists installing big bore kits and faster exhaust pipes.

The CW50 did receive a few updates over its run. Forthe Zuma gained a two person seat and footpegs to make carrying a passenger an option.

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